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Dog Training

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Meet the Trainer
Dog trainer noah sitting with dogs on picnic table
Dog trainer Noah playing with two obedient dogs in a park


Noah had the privilege of working under the late dog trainer, Jonathan Klein, for 6 years. Jonathan taught and advocated for non-confrontational dog training. He took Noah under his wing and taught him everything I know about how to relate to our four-legged friends. Noah is always furthering his education outside of his realm of knowledge, as we're big believers in evolving, learning, and growing constantly. 

Noah is a big believer in positive reinforcement training. As is our philosophy at Pet Waggin', Noah keeps dog training fun for both parties, which means short lessons with lots of games and rewards. Noah loves to emphasize that the dog isn't the only one learning. He likes to tell clients that both humans and dogs are equal partners in training. In the end, we really just want to celebrate ideal behavior and try our hardest to ignore the rest. As Noah says, we all have different different ideas of the 'perfect dog.' As long as you and your pup are happy and healthy, then that's all that matters. Here at Pet Waggin', we're here to help you bulid that happy and healthy relationship between you and your dog.

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