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Gabby - Pet Waggin' Pet Care pet sitter

"What is your favorite part of working with animals?"

I grew up with so many animals which included guinea pigs, salamanders, hamsters, birds, cats, dogs, and the list goes on. I knew I loved animals very early on!

I love working with pets because every time you meet a new animal, it's like gaining a new friend. You learn how to work together and how your personalities create a dynamic just like human to human friendships. It is so rewarding!

Working with animals has taught me patience and that pets also experience good and bad days just like us. It is so important to take life one day at a time and enjoy every moment you get to spend with your animals!

"What is your #1 pet care tip or something you want to share with clients?"

I have two cats of my own. I work on training my cats and its not too different than how you would train a dog!


Training your cat to sit:

1. Grab your kitty's favorite treat.

2. Bring your hand (with treat) over your cat's head and tell them to sit.

3. This will lure their head up encouraging them to sit.

4. When they sit give them their treat and some verbal praise. (e.i. "good job!")


Soon enough they will do this with just verbal commands! It's also fun to see my friends get involved and socialize with my cats by giving them treats and allowing them to show off their new learned tricks.

What our clients are saying...

"My girls love Pet Waggin' and absolutely love the sitters that we've had. They are professional, love my girls, always on time, and always make sure the house is secure when they leave. They treat them as their own, giving them belly rubs and cookies all the time. I couldn't ask for a more professional service with a genuine caring staff. My girls get so excited when Mandy shows up, it sometimes makes me jealous (JK)!"

~ Jim P.

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