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Pet Waggin' Team Member

Katherine - Pet Waggin' team member

"What is your favorite part of working with animals?"

Growing up, there were always pets in my household. From hamsters to dogs, I grew up with a passion and love for animals.  Nowadays, I have two amazing dogs that have their own personalities. I enjoy working with pets because I feel that I easily connect with animals and I love learning about each animal as an individual. Animals bring a fun element to life and deserve the best from humans.

"What is your #1 pet care tip or something you want to share with clients?"

The biggest lesson I have learned from working with pets is it is important to meet the pet where they are at and acknowledge that no two pets are alike. Each pet has their own personality, needs and quirks, and it is important to embrace them for who they are. My biggest pet tip is to always be patient and let the animal come to you. Each one has its own temperament and trust level and they will approach you when they are ready to interact with you.