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Pet Waggin' Team Member

Lanie - Pet Waggin' team member and dog walker

"What is your favorite part of working with animals?"

I like working with pets for many reasons. The most important being that they deserve the absolute best out of life because they bring nothing but the best into our lives. They are living angels, in my opinion. They are the purest life forms you will encounter and they radiate love, joy and companionship. They are the best friend a person could have, loyal until the end, and a constant source of inspiration to me in their inherent joy for life.


The connection that a lot of people have with other people is the one that I find with animals. That unspoken language animals possess, and the bond that can be made between human and pet is one I connect with and crave, both socially and spiritually. 

"What is your #1 pet care tip or something you want to share with clients?"

Consider how your own energy affects your pet. My older dog spike (who I adopted from a shelter when he was 3) came with a lot of quirks from his life before he was with me. The preemptive cautiousness (which translated as anxiety to him) I began to develop for triggers or bad scenarios actually gave him anxiety and became the cause for more and worsened quirky behavior. I became increasingly aware of how palpable my energy was to spike and how he fed off what energy I provided him, as him mom. They are just like us. They respond to the situations/stimuli and what they get from the people they are around.

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