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Pet Waggin' Team Member

Mandy - Pet Waggin' team member

"What is your favorite part of working with animals?"

My favorite part of working with animals is getting to know the quirks and unique personality of each pet I work with. Just like people, no two animals are exactly the same, and it is so rewarding forging a bond with each one on an individual level. Knowing your dog’s favorite spot to sniff on a walk or your kitty’s favorite toy, and getting to spend that time making each animal happy is just the best feeling. 

"What is your #1 pet care tip or something you want to share with clients?"

My best pet care tip is to take note of your animal’s body language. Dogs and cats can tell us so much with their posture or a flick of their tongue, tail, or ears. 

What our clients are saying...

"My girls love Pet Waggin' and absolutely love the sitters that we've had. They are professional, love my girls, always on time, and always make sure the house is secure when they leave. They treat them as their own, giving them belly rubs and cookies all the time. I couldn't ask for a more professional service with a genuine caring staff. My girls get so excited when Mandy shows up, it sometimes makes me jealous (JK)!"

~ Jim P.

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