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Max he/him

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Pet Waggin' Team Member


"What is your favorite part of working with animals?"

Growing up, my family always had dogs, and from a very young age, I found them to be some of the best friends I ever had. My love for dogs extended to all animals, and by the time I was old enough to be asked about my future, I knew I had to spend the rest of life working with animals. 


During high school, I would jump at every opportunity to take care of peoples’ pets, and during those years I got to know and become friends with dogs, cats, fish, even a couple rodents. In my own household, I’ve since added snakes to the ever expanding list of animals I’ve come to know and love. 


If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my time working with pets, it’s to treat animals as if they were people. They each have such unique personalities, and their internal selves are every bit as complex as ours. Also, always carry poop bags.

"What is your #1 pet care tip or something you want to share with clients?"

The best piece of advice I ever received about pet care is to always do your research. Whether you’re adopting a puppy or picking up a goldfish from the fair, every animal has specific needs and wants and deserves the best care they can get.

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