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Pet Waggin' Team Member & Dog Trainer

Noah - Pet Waggin' team member and dog trainer
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"What inspired you to become a dog trainer?"

Dogs are awesome! In fact, I’m pretty sure I was a dog in a past life! But I also love to problem solve, and keep animals living their best lives at home. I am also passionate about dispelling outdated notions about our best furry friends.

"What are one or two tips you often give dog owners?"

My first tip? To remember that the point of your relationship is to enjoy each other’s company. My second tip is to only give attention for ideal behavior and ignore the rest. Remember that your dog is not out to dominate you. You and your pup are on the same team!

What our clients are saying...

"Experienced. Knowledgeable. Flexible. And, most importantly, connected to my pet for his and for her benefit. This is a great company!"

~ Vicki G.

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