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Pancho Hobbs

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Chief entertainment Officer

Pancho-chief-entertainment officer-of-Pet-Waggin

Pancho "Good-times" Hobbs was something of a man about town in Long Beach.  He knew where all the good parks, smells, and treats are in the greater LB area and headed up the Pet Waggin' Fun Committee. He specialized in turning that frown upside down.  

Unfortunately, our handsome Pancho passed away in 2020, but his humor, love, and affection will stick with us forever.


Despite being blind, Pancho had unending determination. It slowed him down for about a week, but after that, he memorized our home and got around great. When we were out on a walk, if we tried to cut his walk short by going a different direction, he put on the brakes and insisted we go the long way. He was a champ, and we will never forget him. 

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