Pet Taxi & Supply Runs

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YOU'Re BUSY. We get it and We Can Help.

Working a long day and know you won't be able to make it to the store to pick up dog food before it closes?

Does your dog have a vet or grooming appointment at the same time as your next meeting?

Or, maybe you're under the weather and just need some extra assistance!


Dog sitting with head out the side car window during Pet Waggin' pet taxi ride

Pet Waggin' Has You Covered!

Pet Waggin' offers pet taxi services and pet supply runs, so we can take your pet to his upcoming vet or grooming appointment and drop him back off at home. 

If you're out of dog food or other pet supplies, just let us know what kind you need, and we'll get it for you!

See pricing below.

Pet Taxi

We will pick up and drop off your pet at his grooming or vet appointment. There will be an additional charge of $18/30-min if we are required to stay with the pet during their vet visit.

Pet Supply Runs

We will pick up and drop off pet supplies at the local pet store or get your pet's medications at your local vet.

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$25 one way


$25  + cost of goods

*NOTE: There is a 5-mile radius limit on these services.