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Keep your Pet Safe on the 4th of July

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

The boom and pop of the fireworks have already begun here in Long Beach and that means it’s a good time to take some simple precautions to keep your loving pet safe and secure during firework season. Pet Waggin' has some ideas for you:

Sometime BEFORE July 4, make sure that your pets’ identification tags are securely fastened to their collar and up to date with current information. This includes the microchip registry as well. Your dog hasn’t been micro chipped? Schedule it today! It is always a good idea to have a current photo of your pet on hand. 

BEFORE the fireworks start booming, make sure your dog has had lots of exercise so they are plenty tired by the time the show starts.

DURING the fireworks show, be it in your backyard, your neighbor’s yard, or up in the sky, make sure your pet is in a safe and secure environment. This means a crate or an escape proof room. Dogs are known to break out of yards when extremely frightened. Consider putting a favorite blanket in the room and possibly playing some music to help mask the noise.

AFTER you return home, take one more precaution by checking the yard for any firework debris!

Don’t underestimate your pet! Even the bravest can become terrified by the sound of fireworks.

We’ve also put together some information on what to do if your pet gets lost.


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