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The 7 Best Pet Stores in Long Beach

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

One of the many reasons we love our Long Beach community is its pet-friendly atmosphere. From restaurants to dog parks to pet stores, there are so many resources for pet parents and their four-legged critters!

That also means it can be hard to narrow your focus when looking for a place to stock up on food, toys, and other pet supplies. As pet specialists, our Pet Waggin’ team has been around the block a few times and that means we know our stuff when it comes to places you can trust. Say good-bye to those big-box stores and check out our local favorites!

The 7 Best Pet Stores in Long Beach | Pet Waggin' Pet Care

Here are the 7 best pet stores in Long Beach:

Like us, Centinela Feed is all about family! They’ve been family-owned and operated for 40 years, now with 18 stores throughout Southern California. We love visiting their Long Beach location - With amazing, knowledgeable staff and deals that are hard to beat, your shopping trip will feel like a treat (like that rhyme? 😉). Centinela also offers vaccinations, doggie self-wash, and host adoptions… hard to believe you can have so much fun at a pet store, but it’s true!

The Details: Location: 4700 Pacific Coast Hwy Hours: Mon - Fri: 9am - 9pm; Sat - Sun: 9am - 8pm

We were not surprised when LaunderPet was awarded the “Best Pet Groomer” in 2019 by the Beachcomber (they’re one of our favorites along with Signal Hill Pet Grooming). They’re locally owned and also have 5 convenient locations, but what we really love about LaunderPet is they’re also a pet supply store, so you can stock up while your pooch gets his bath! They’re known especially for their phenomenal customer service, and we know many pets who come back from LaunderPet not only looking great but feeling great.

The Details: Location: 3429 E. Broadway

Hours: Mon - Sat: 9am - 6pm; Sun: 9am - 5pm

Just like a team of superheroes, Pet Food Express is here to help your cats and dogs live their best lives. For starters, they only sell products from people they trust and can build relationships with, and that means the food they sell is healthy and filler-free! As health-conscious consumers, we were so excited to find people at Pet Food Express who could answer even the trickiest of questions when it comes to pet health. Finding the best nutrition for your furry friend can get expensive, but not at Pet Food Express. They are genuine animal lovers, which means they care about making their products affordable and accessible—they even offer wellness centers and self-service pet washes!

The Details: Location: 4220 Long Beach Blvd.

Hours: Mon - Fri: 9:30am - 8:30am; Sat: 9am - 8pm; Sun: 10am - 7pm

Paw Shoppe has it all, from pet supplies to grooming and mobile vets, it’s a one-stop-shop for all your needs - just one of the reasons why customers have been known to stay loyal to Paw Shoppe for decades! We love local businesses that are health-passionate and affordable. And they’re not just here to help you care for your cats and dogs… they love all the critters of the kingdom, carrying supplies for your reptiles and other favorite creatures. Lizards and spiders and turtles, oh my!

The Details: Location: 6416 E. Spring St. Hours: Mon - Sat: 9am - 8pm; Sun: 10am - 6pm

Healthy Spot is a natural pet food store that has truly transcended to offer a wide variety of pet care needs—even a small doggy daycare! Their team of excellent pet-lovers know their products like the backs of their hands and will go the extra mile to get whatever it is your furry friend needs. Healthy Spot only stocks wholesome and organic foods, making sure that all their products are not only made from premium ingredients but are ethically sourced. We love that they care so much about our local AND global communities!

The Details:

Location: 6433 E. Pacific Coast Highway Unit A-5

Hours: Mon - Fri: 8am - 8pm; Sat - Sun: 9am - 8pm

Just Food For Dogs produces their own dog food, treats, and supplements, so if you’re looking to keep it simple, this brand is for you! They’re all about health, but focus in on one of the most important things in your pup’s life (aside from you, of course)—his diet. In fact, all of their ingredients are 100% certified fresh and fit for human consumption. No feed-grade ingredients, no fillers or by-products...You’ll be just as happy as your pooch is knowing that he’s got nothing but nutrition in his tummy. Check out their website and read about their nutrition team of veterinarians and formulators. Their website even has a diet calculator so you can determine how much to feed your pup based on his size and breed!

The Details:

Location: 2200 N. Lakewood Blvd. Hours: Mon - Fri: 11am - 7pm; Sat - Sun: 10am - 6pm

Are you ready for a tongue twister? Patty at Pet Pantry puts the ‘P’ in Passion! Just like food that’s filler-free, Pet Pantry is simple and gets straight to the point when it comes to your pet’s health. You’ll be surprised by just how much the staff at Pet Pantry knows about pet food and diet.

Customers have claimed remarkable results from pet problems they’ve been struggling with for years. By shopping at Pet Pantry, you may even be saving yourself money at the vet… that’s how much they care about educating themselves and you!

The Details: Location: 2801 Cherry Ave

Hours: Mon - Fri: 8am - 8pm; Sat: 8am - 7pm; Sun: 9am - 6pm

We love our Long Beach and Signal Hill communities and that’s why we always try to keep it local when it comes to spoiling our pets! We’re always keeping an eye out for the best darn pet care establishments around, so be sure to join us on Instagram @petwagginpetcare as we explore the town. Do you have a favorite local pet supply store? Let us know so we can spread the word!


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