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Purrrrrfect Gift Ideas for Your Cat

Are you looking to get something for your cat this holiday season? If so, don’t you worry, you are in the right spot!

Purrrrrfect Gift Ideas for Your Cat | Pet Waggin' Pet Care

Check out some of these gifts to give your purrrrfect kitty!

1. Cat Tunnel:

This personal playground for your cat or cats gives them a chance to pounce, stalk, run and even take a quick catnap in. A cat tunnel is easy to move and even folds up when you are ready to set up for your holiday party!

2. Cat Wands:

A cat wand is a great way to entertain your cat day and night. A cat wand can have different attachments like  long strings, feathers and bells to grab your kitties attention and have them bouncing all around the house. Entertaining for both of you!

3. Laser:

If your cat loves to chase things, your cat will love a laser light! Point the laser at the ground and watch your cat run in circles trying to catch it. This is a great way to engage your kitty in some fun exercise.

4. Cat Bed:

Tired of your cat using your pillow as their bed? If so, here’s a great gift idea for you! Cat beds are very inexpensive at your local pet store or even Target, but the best part is you can make a cat bed. Cats love boxes which means you can take their favorite box, add a pillow to the bottom and you have a new cat bed!

5. Cat Condo:

Cats love to climb and a cat condo gives them the perfect place to take a cat-nap and keep on eye on everything around them. A cat condo can also be used as a scratching post for your cat which will save your new sofa!

6. Catnip:

Last but not least, CATNIP! Catnip will turn your cat from naughty to nice. Catnip comes in a loose leaf form or spray which can both be used on your cat's toys and on their scratching posts.

7. And for the cat that has everything, how about their own room addition? Google creating a catio for your cat!


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