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Back to [Obedience] School: Dog Training and The Importance of Manners

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Why should your dog have manners?

Some pet owners are lucky and have dogs that seem to be magically perfect without much effort on their part...they were just “born that way”.  For most of us, myself included,  we have dogs that, well, act like dogs.  Behaviors like trash digging, jumping on people, pulling on leash, or eating the sofa are all things we consider “bad dog behavior” when in fact it is dogs being dogs. 

It’s our responsibility as dog owners to teach them how to live in a human’s world.   When you own a dog, and bring it out into the public, you are the one responsible for their actions. So, if your dog jumps up and steals the food off of someone’s plate as you’re walking by an outdoor eating area of a restaurant, it is because you didn’t teach them that that  it is not acceptable.  The lives of our dogs are enhanced when they are able to spend time with us, and it makes our relationship with our dogs so much more enjoyable when we can take them on a walk in Belmont Shore, on a hike, or have guests over for a gathering and know that our dogs will be well behaved.  

In a way, dogs are like children. There are many differences obviously, but you wouldn’t bring your child into the word and simply not teach them anything. You teach your child how to communicate, how to get along with others, how to behave, etc. and you need to do the same for your pup.   Dogs aren’t capable of discerning right from wrong, or having deep and complex thoughts, and we can’t simply explain things to them, we have to teach (train) them. It isn’t fair for us to bring them into our world and then not teach them how we communicate, or how we’d like them to behave. 

So many  dogs end up in the shelter or banned to the back yard and forgotten thru no fault of their own.  They simply weren’t taught how to get along in our world. 

Training is a necessary component of owning a dog. It should be right up there on the list with providing adequate food, water, and shelter. We need to make sure that the animals we are bringing into our lives, and expecting things out of know how to follow our rules. Training will set your dog up for success in life. Training will make the relationship you have with your dog much more enjoyable.

The best, and most preferable way to go about hiring a trainer would be to look for a professionally certified trainer who uses science based, positive reinforcement techniques. Positive reinforcement trainers will be able to show you how to communicate with your dog in a way that doesn’t cause fear or pain. They will teach you how to motivate your dog to do what you ask of it, and your dog will thank you every day of their lives  for taking the time to teach them.  

Learn more about our Positive Fear-Free dog training services here!

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