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Downtown Long Beach Dog-Friendly Activities & Eats

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

The days are long, and the weather is warm. It’s a great time to be out and about, soaking up the sun and enjoying the Southern California lifestyle. The best part is, in Long Beach, you can almost always take your very best friend with you! There are lots of things you can do in Long Beach with your dog. And one of our hobbies is sniffing those activities out and sharing them with you!

downtown long beach dog friendly

Whether you're new in town or have lived in Long Beach for your entire life, there’s always something new to see. Downtown Long Beach is quirky, offbeat, and full of interesting history.

We’ve put together a guide of some of the things you can enjoy with your dog. Ready to plan some dog-friendly activities in Downtown Long Beach? Keep reading to learn more!

Dog-Friendly Downtown Long Beach

Looking for an activity? We’ve got you covered! We’ve rounded up some fun, unique activities to enjoy with your dog. Plus, we know you need to eat, so we’ve also included some of our favorite dog-friendly restaurants near Downtown Long Beach.

P.S. Have some favorite activities or restaurants not on this list? Leave a comment below with your favorite dog-friendly Long Beach places!

Long Beach Dog-Friendly Experiences

There's more to do around Downtown Long Beach than just take your dog for a walk down the street. There are off leash areas where your dog can run, fun tours, and more! These are ways you can enjoy some outdoor time with your dog, without walking along your same old routes.

downtown long beach is long beach dog friendly

Long Beach Arts and Architecture Scavenger Hunt- 311 E Ocean Blvd

This is a fun way to get out and get some exercise with your dog while enjoying the architecture of Long Beach. This is an app-supported scavenger hunt that helps you learn more about your city and its landmarks and history. Take pictures, solve riddles, and just have a blast. Your dog might not care about the history lesson, but he’ll love the walk and the time with you.

Seaside Dog Zone- 450 E Seaside Way

If you have a busy day planned and you want to get your dog some exercise first, or if they’ve been good so you want an activity just for them, try the Seaside Dog Zone. It’s located near the arts district and is convenient if you and your dog are meeting with friends later. This park is small, at just under half an acre, but there are separate areas for large and small dogs, and your dog will have a blast.

Downtown Dog Park- Broadway and Pacific Ave

This is one of the newest dog parks in Long Beach and is a great place to let your pup have some off leash time. This dog park has a great story too! It was created in an effort to reuse an outdoor area by the Civic Center, an area considered historically significant to the city. There is plenty of room for dogs to roam with separate areas for large dogs and small dogs.

long beach dog friendly bike rentals

Wheel Fun Rentals- 700 Queensway Dr

Even as a Long Beach native, it’s fun to try something new. Rent a tandem bike or surrey with some family or friends, and take your dog out for a bike tour! Wheel Fun Rentals is just outside downtown in Shoreline Village. If you’ve recently moved to Long Beach, and your dog is used to biking with you, you can rent a regular bicycle as well. Long Beach is incredibly bicycle friendly. Your dog will love the feeling of the wind in his fur as you ride along the bike paths. You’ll love seeing your city from a brand new perspective!

Long Beach Walking Tour - Self Guided App

If you want an in-depth tour of Downtown but don’t like crowds or schedules, then this tour, which you can do via app, is right for you. The tours are put together through Long Beach Heritage, The Downtown Long Beach Alliance, The Arts Council, and Kennedy Grace Gallery. Take your dog with you and marvel at the iconic beauty of Downtown Long Beach, take time to appreciate the murals and mosaics, and just enjoy a quiet day with your dog.

Long Beach Dog-Friendly Restaurants

Feeling like a quick bite after a day at the beach or dog park? Planning on meeting friends Downtown and need a dog-friendly venue? These restaurants are in the heart of Downtown Long Beach and gladly welcome dogs on their patios. Some of them even provide special menu items just for your pup.

dog friendly restaurants in long beach ca

Michael’s Downtown- 210 East 3rd St

If you’re out and about and looking for a dog-friendly lunch spot, stop into Michael’s Downtown. Sit on their covered patio and enjoy fresh Italian food like wood-fired pizza or a hearty salad. Don’t forget to pass a little parmesan cheese to your dog for being such a good pup.

Rasselbock German Kitchen and Beer Garden- 4020 Atlantic Ave

If you love German food and German and Belgian Beers, take your pooch to Rasselbock. This restaurant is so dog-friendly that they’ll serve your pup his very own pork sausage! This is a great place to bring your dog to meet up with friends or enjoy a family outing.

Beachwood BBQ and Brewery- 210 East 3rd St

Try Beachwood for a casual dog-friendly date! Enjoy the outdoor patio with your dog while you try some of Beachwood’s delicious slow-cooked meats and a draft beer. The casual (but cute) vibes make this a great location for a first date or a laidback hang with friends!

What are you waiting for? Start planning your weekend now! While you’re out, we know that you’ll find even more dog-friendly places to explore. Long Beach has tons of amazing dog-friendly activities, restaurants, and events.

Find a new favorite pet supply store by visiting the best ones in Long Beach. Take your dog out on dog friendly beach trails nearby, and of course, enjoy a beautiful day at popular Rosie's Dog Beach.

Whatever you do, we encourage you to try new things and make the most of your time in this amazing dog-friendly city!


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