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An Interview with Pet Waggin’s New Long Beach Dog Trainer

Good news, Long Beach!

Pet Waggin’ Pet Care is proud to announce that we’ve hired the best darn new trainer and partner to join our team. His name is Noah, and we’re thrilled to have an experienced and passionate dog trainer to help strengthen your relationships with your pets!

This month, we sat down with Noah to learn more about his experiences, techniques, and other tips we can expect to learn from him here at Pet Waggin’, and we thought it would be a great idea to share his answers with you, so you can get to know him, too! 

1. Let’s start with the important stuff: Food in town! What’s your favorite restaurant in Long Beach?

Flamin’ Curry. The price is great, the service is fast, it’s tasty, and located in a lively part of town. Everyone should check it out at least once!

2. We heard you have a cat! Can you tell us about him? Can cats be trained?

My cat is an old foster named Hero. He was quite the alley-cat stud back in the day, and has now retired and living life as an indoor silver fox. He has quite the vocals and loves to serenade the neighborhood cats late into the night!

Hero has no interest in training, but he does love to conduct human training of his own. For instance, he’ll go for a walk on a leash, but really, he walks you. We’re working on it! Cats can be trained, but if you’ve ever met a cat, you can imagine that it is a challenge.

3. What are you most excited about when it comes to working with Pet Waggin’?

I’m excited to support positive relationships between people and their pets! I’m stoked to be part of the team and to help troubleshoot pet care with both Pet Waggin’s walkers and their clients. 

4. What inspired you to become a dog trainer? 

Dogs are awesome! In fact, I’m pretty sure I was a dog in a past life! But I also love to problem solve, and keep animals living their best lives at home. I am also passionate about dispelling outdated notions about our best furry friends. 

5. Can you describe your dog training experience?

I had the privilege of working under the late dog trainer, Jonathan Klein, for 6 years. Jonathan taught and advocated for non-confrontational dog training. He really took me under his wing and taught me everything I know about how to relate to our four-legged friends. I also credit Jonathan in supporting my continuing education outside of his realm of knowledge. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work under and learn from him!

6. Can you tell us about your training philosophies?

I’m a big believer in focusing on positive reinforcement. I like to keep training fun for both parties, which means short lessons with lots of games and rewards. I always try to end the session on a high note. 

I also try to emphasize that the dog isn’t the only one learning. I like to tell clients that both humans and dogs are equal partners in training. For example, we can adjust our own body language to reinforce behaviors. Animals communicate with body language and, whether or not we’re being intentional, can easily pick up on ours.

In the end, we really just want to celebrate ideal behavior and try our hardest to ignore the rest. We all have different ideas of the “perfect dog.” As long as you and your pup are happy and healthy, then that’s all that matters!

7. What are one or two tips you often give dog owners?

My first tip? To remember that the point of your relationship is to enjoy each other’s company. My second tip is to only give attention for ideal behavior and ignore the rest. Remember that your dog is not out to dominate you. You and your pup are on the same team!

8. What’s your favorite equipment (like leashes or harnesses) when working with animals?

Humans are the best equipment. We hold all the treats, love, and joy. If done right, the bond between a human and dog is all the motivation needed for good training. But a leash and martingale collar would be a close second best!

9. Why should people invest in dog training?

Dog training is a great method of preventative care, and it is so important to strengthen the bond between you and your pets when you can. Dog training is also a fun way to engage with another creature in ways we wouldn’t normally.

10. What one thing do you wish every dog owner knew?

That every moment with your pet is a learning opportunity. 

Don’t we know it! That just so happens to be our philosophy at Pet Waggin’, too, so we know Noah is the perfect fit for our team! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from your pet - Check out our positive-reinforcement dog training services and find out how we can help make each moment spent with your dog even better.

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