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7 Reasons To Invest in Dog Training For The New Year

Since January is National Train Your Dog Month and we know several of our community members adopted some new puppies during the holidays, we thought now would be a good time to talk about the benefits of dog training, and what it means for you as the pet owner.

And although it’s never too late to train your dog, it really is so beneficial to start training early on to establish your dogs’ wanted behaviors.

We put together a list to share with you some of the best reasons why every dog, young or old, should experience a dog training program like ours!

1. Positive reinforcement dog training makes your dog excited to learn.

Learning should be fun - even for pets! That’s why we believe wholeheartedly in positive reinforcement training. When you reinforce positive behaviors, those behaviors will resultedly happen more often. We will never, ever encourage physical or verbal corrections on bad behavior. What we do is go above and beyond when your pets do something good by rewarding them! When training becomes a positive experience for your dog, the more they’ll want to learn and perform good behaviors.

2. Dog training can prevent behavioral problems down the road.

Contrary to other fear-based dog training methods, you want your pet to ENJOY the training process and actually WANT to complete the behaviors that you encourage. When you do this in a positive way, your pet will learn to do behaviors because it’s fun and enjoyable, not because he’s scared of punishment. This sort of structure encourages a healthy, balanced life that strays away from behavioral problems as your pet gets older.

3. A well-behaved dog can go in public.

Being able to take your dog to places such as the Recreation Dog Park or Rosie’s Dog Beach or even out to dinner with you requires that he knows how to walk properly on the leash and knows to come back to you when called!

Dogs, especially puppies, are (typically) pockets full of energy! In order to keep their minds healthy and happy, exercise is something that every dog needs, which ultimately means loose-leash walking is especially helpful!

P.S. Did you know - dog walking is one of our favorite services that we offer! I mean...we’re located in sunny seaside Long Beach, California, so how could we not love being outdoors walking your doggies? We even do dog park play days at Recreation Dog Park!

4. Dog training helps your pets adjust to living in a domestic environment.

A lot of our Long Beach community members live busy lives, which means long days at the office. While you’re away from home, your pet has all the time in the world to accomplish the things you don’t want him to, such as chewing on furniture, barking, you name it.

Dog training can help alleviate these pain points by teaching your dog coping mechanisms, exercising his brain, and reprocessing learned behaviors to make staying at home a breeze!

5. Dog training can improve your pet’s social skills.

Getting your pets socialized is a great way to reduce the likelihood of aggression down the road. Teaching your dog polite introductions and impulse control can help your dog in almost any social experience where he sees something new or unfamiliar.

We see a lot of pet owners who come to us with a dog that is showing signs of aggression or fear and think something is wrong with their dog. But, what makes a huge difference is actually learning healthy socialization behaviors! These skills are paramount to a healthy and confident dog.

6. You’ll enjoy your time with your trained dog.

A well-behaved pet makes for not only a happy dog, but also a happy pet owner! Instead of spending time cleaning up a mess that you dog made or trying to calm down your barking dog in public, you can spend fun quality time with them. At the end of the day, there is nothing better than knowing your pup used his mind to make decisions, solve problems, and perform wanted behaviors all on his own.

7. You can save your dog’s life.

Sometimes, scary and hectic situations can occur with your pets. As much as we can try to avoid them, and hope that they never happen, accidents can and still do happen. If your dog were to get out of their leash or have another dog jump on him, he will be much more likely to stay calm and come back to you when called if he has gone through training.

Whether you welcomed a new puppy into the family or your older pup needs to brush up on some skills, we provide training for all types of dogs. We believe wholeheartedly in providing the best training to benefit both the animals and their owners, and we are so lucky to have Carolyn on our team to train our Long Beach dogs!

If you’re interested in working with Pet Waggin’ for your dog training needs, you can learn more about our training services here.

We know choosing a dog trainer can be an overwhelming decision. If you have ANY questions for us, head on over to our Contact Us page and we’ll be happy to chat about your specific training needs.

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