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Keeping Long Beach Safe From Coyotes

You may have seen them, and if you haven't, you've heard the recent stories about coyotes wandering into our neighborhoods causing increased risk for our pets and even killing them! Coyotes in Long Beach are no joke, and we need to work together to protect our cats and dogs from the danger that coyotes could bring. Pet Waggin’s dog walkers and pet sitters are all informed about the recent rise of coyotes in our neighborhoods and take every precaution to keep your pets’ safe while in our care.

Keeping Long Beach Safe From Coyotes | Pet Waggin' Pet Care

Here are some important tips to be aware of to ensure safety if a coyote is spotted in your neighborhood:

1. If you encounter a coyote, you want to intimidate it.

This tactic is called "hazing."  First, be sure you have full control of the dog you are walking. Then, make yourself appear to be bigger and stronger than the coyote by yelling, stomping your feet, and waving your arms at them. This will frighten the coyote and cause them to run away from you. Never run away from a coyote!

2. If a night walk or early morning walk is your dogs desired time, be sure to keep them close to you while walking. 

3. NO RETRACTABLE LEASHES.We discourage the use of these anyway for the safety of the dogs we walk and the safety of our dog walkers. Coyotes do not see humans as prey so they want to stay as far away from you as possible. Retractable leashes provide too much distance and not nearly enough control for you to save your pup from a coyote attack. Please avoid using retractable leashes.

4. Keep smaller pets like cats or small dogs indoors, unless supervised while outside. 

5. When feeding your pets outside be sure to do it while it is still light out.

When feeding your pets outside, it is important to not leave any leftover foods outdoors. The leftover food lures the coyotes in because they are looking for food. Plus, once they know that it is there, they will know to come back for it, thus leaving you and your pets in danger.

6. Be sure to leave outdoor trashcans sealed tight to ensure that coyotes do not try digging through any trash left outdoors.

7. Protect yourselfConsider keeping one or two of the following items in a pocket or fanny pack:

- Pepper spray

- Air horn

- A soda can with pennies inside

- Flashlight

- Use a walking stick while walking.

8. Call the city’s Animal Care Services

You can call the city's Animal Care Services at 562-570-7387 to report all coyote sightings. Sightings can also be reported at the Animal Control’s website at


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