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The REAL Reasons Why Professional Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters Are Your Best Bet

You’ve heard of Wag And Rover, right?

These are on-demand pet sitting and walking services in areas all over the country. To book a dog walk or pet sitting service, all you need to do is hop on the app, put in your pet’s information, and you’re booked in no time!

It goes without saying, this on-demand service can be a seemingly great solution for those too busy to really dedicate the time to find a specialized sitter for their upcoming vacation.

However, all too frequently, we get clients coming to us after having a negative experience with one of these other services. And most of the time, it’s in a time crunch, because something fell through. Maybe the cat sitter never showed up or the dog walker suddenly went out of town with no warning. With these apps, you’re on your own to start over.

The fact of the matter is that Wag and Rover are technology companies, not pet care providers. We are not saying you won’t find a good pet sitter or dog walker on these platforms, because several of them have genuine intentions!

In fact, most people will write similar blog posts for you with the effort to simply tell you:

1. We love dogs and cats more!

2. We’re licensed and insured, which means we’re better.

3. We have our own website!

We aren’t here to argue whether we love pets more than anyone else. We assume the sitters on websites like Rover love pets, too! And yes, we agree, the best pet businesses should be licensed and insured and have their own website. However, there are still key factors missing in simply signing up to be on the platform or being a part-time Independent Contractor for a pet care business in town.

If you’re looking for an ongoing, professional relationship with a pet care provider, you’ll have better luck looking for an insured professional pet care business. A business like…


Us (go figure)!

At the risk of tooting our own horn, here’s why we think Pet Waggin’ is the darn best pet care provider for your cat or dog.

1. We have dedicated and vetted employees

First and foremost, Pet Waggin’ only hires employees. Unfortunately, most pet care businesses, including Wag and Rover, run on hiring Independent Contractors who cannot legally be trained by the business owner. Company philosophies, staff training, and dedicated team members are hard, if not impossible, to achieve with Independent Contractors.

Pet Waggin’ employees undergo a rigorous vetting process to ensure they are the right fit for the team and our clients. Before coming on board, they are screened using ACUTRAQ Background Screening. Our employees need to demonstrate knowledge in pet care and once hired, undergo scheduled and frequent continued education training to further enhance their pet care knowledge. It’s one of our core business philosophies, and one we’re really proud to offer for the Long Beach community.

The Pet Waggin’ team is just that - a team.

2. We put safety first

When leaving your cat or dog in the care of someone else, safety is likely your number one concern. The unfortunate truth is: things can happen, no matter who you choose. But, when an emergency pops up, you want someone trained in pet care and safety to respond, correct?

Do your current pet care providers know what to do when your cat’s claws get stuck in their cat tree? Do they know what to do when your dog eats a bar of chocolate? Do they know how to coax your shy cat out of hiding for mealtime? Do they know when to hop in a car and head to the emergency vet?

The answers to some of these questions may seem obvious to you, but when emergencies arise, it’s how it’s handled that truly makes the difference in your pets’ well-being.

While some on-demand cat or dog sitting services offer training to their Independent Contractors, their process is limited, and legally not really even allowed to be a mandatory part of the job.

At Pet Waggin’, our employees carry an arsenal of tools and tactics to use in case of an issue or emergency. We have best practices and protocols in place in event of an emergency.

P.S. And while we have our own tools to ensure the safety of your cat or dog, we highly recommend all pet owners set up a pet emergency plan of their own. Check out our blog post for more details on how to create a proper emergency plan for your furry loved one.

3. We provide personalized care

It’s obvious to say every cat or dog is different. Your pet may be super friendly, shy, or somewhere in between. An important feature of a good sitter is the ability to adapt to different personalities. In order to truly get to know your cat or dog, we offer a free First Impressions’ Visit. This visit is a great way to introduce your cat or dog to their new sitter, ask any questions you might have, and show them around your home.

With years of experience, we recognize that cats often need a little extra time to warm up to a new sitter. We are adamant about tailoring to the needs of your kitty. We use a variety of learned tactics to make sure your cat warms up to this new situation at their own pace.

After all, it’s important that all parties involved feel comfortable with the arrangement. That’s key!

4. The Philosophy We Live By

Pet Waggin’ values our local community, and we pride ourselves on doing everything we can to ensure safe, happy, and healthy pets in our care. Almost like a family of our own, Pet Waggin’ boasts an amazing team of dedicated, pet-loving, long-term employees. As a happy team, we are passionate about supporting the Long Beach community and building connections within our amazing town.

With Spring Break around the corner, it’s a good time to look at pet sitting options for your dog or cat. If you struggle with feeling guilty or worried when headed out of town, there is no need to worry! Our caring, pet-loving team is ready to continue with your pet’s routine to ensure they are comfortable and happy while you are away.

New to the Pet Waggin’ family? Welcome! Whatever your pet care needs are, we are here to help. Book a First Impression Visit now to meet a dedicated Pet Waggin’ team member and start a reliable, ongoing relationship with experienced pet specialists!

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