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What Is Sniffspot? (Plus How & Where To Book One)

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Important Note: This blog post is not sponsored by or affiliated with Sniffspot.

Does your dog love the dog park? Do you dread dealing with rule breakers, inattentive owners, and reactive dogs? Maybe you want to train your dog without any other people or dogs around, and you want to take things off-leash.

Dog parks can be great places to socialize your dog and let them get some time away from home. Unfortunately, they come with some drawbacks. Now there’s a way to give your dog all the fun of a dog park… in a more controlled setting. If you haven’t heard about Sniffspot, it’s time you learned what it’s all about.

What Is Sniffspot?

Sniffspot is an innovative new way to book a private dog park for your dog. Think AirBnB for dogs. For a fee, which varies by location, you can book time in a dog park (usually, someone’s fenced-in yard) and have it all to yourself. You won’t have to worry about strange dogs or vaccination status. The time slot you have booked is just for you to enjoy with your dog… and maybe a few of his canine pals if you so choose.

dog in yard in long beach sniffspot

Sniffspot dog parks are privately owned by Sniffspot hosts. Since each park is owned by a different host, you can find a huge variety of different features to entertain your dog. Some owners have set up agility courses, others have dog-safe water features, and some parks have room for your dog to run to his heart's content.

If you’re traveling with your dog and hoping to find a safe local dog park, Sniffspot has you covered. There are Sniffspot dog parks throughout the US and Canada. This is the perfect way to exercise your dog during stops on a road trip.

A private dog park sounds like it would be pretty pricey. The dog park hosts set the prices, and most of them are an affordable $5-$15 an hour. Split the cost with a few friends and host a special day for your dogs. Or consider it an investment in your dog’s training by booking one to have a training session or two.

Why Book With Sniffspot?

Every dog deserves a little time off leash. When you book a private dog park with Sniffspot, you’re enriching your dog and strengthening your bond. Breaking out of your routine and introducing your dog to new sounds and smells in a safe environment is one of the best things you can do for your dog.

Since time in a Sniffspot dog park must be booked, you won’t have to worry about which dogs are at the park today. Most dog park frequenters have a story about a bad dog park experience. Booking a private dog park ensures your dog is safe, and you won’t go home, or to the vet, with your own dog park horror story.

long beach dog swimming with tennis ball

You can take your dog for an interesting new experience. You can browse the dog parks by feature. For example, if you have a dog who loves water, and you need to beat the heat, look for one with water features. If you have a dog that cannot resist jumping all over the furniture, look for a park with an agility course. Whether you find a favorite park or enjoy finding new ones, there is something out there for you to enjoy with your dog.

Sniffspot Parks In Long Beach

Here are a few particularly tempting Sniffspot dog parks in the Long Beach Area.

Denise’s Doggie Playland- Priced at a bargain $4 per hour per dog, this well-maintained little park features a 4-foot fence and provides toys and water. Located in a friendly neighborhood, this is the perfect play space for smaller dogs who love to sit in the shade or who need to get their zoomies out.

Butta Bean and Bros Beachy Dog Park- This park is an astonishing $1 per hour per dog. There is a grassy area to run and tons of toys. If you don’t mind a slight upcharge, your dog can frolic in the large tank pool that is on site. Birthday packages are available and they include a tunnel run, doggie bubbles, and even a ball pit.

B and G Paraiso Sniff Spot- If you're looking for a place to celebrate a gotcha day, or any other special dog event, this is the place for you. Proceed at $15 per dog per hour, this park has a kiddie pool and agility equipment available upon request. In addition to a beautiful fenced space to run, for a little extra, you can add on dog painting supplies, and go home with an original piece of art made by your dog!

Sniffspot Parks Near Long Beach

If you’re up for taking a little day trip with your dog, there are some parks a little farther afield that are worth the trip.

Jules and Jeff’s Private Dog Park- The reviews for this dog park speak for themselves. This park is all about the solar-heated pool. Doggie life vests are provided, and the hosts pay close attention to the safety of their guests. They prefer to meet their guests to make sure they provide the best experience possible. This park is well worth the trip to Redondo Beach… and the $20 per dog per hour price tag.

dog swimming with tennis ball in long beach pool

Liz’s Fully Fenced Yard For Dogs- Located in Los Angeles for $20 per hour per dog, this private park has room for your dog to run and swim. In addition to the heated pool, there is a large fenced-in yard. This spot is perfect for dogs who need a lot of room to run and aren’t sure if they like water or not.

Pet Waggin's Adventure at a Local Sniffspot

We were so curious about Sniffspot, so we sent one of our very own out to a local Sniffspot to check things out.

Max booked a time slot at B and G Paraiso Sniff Spot with little Lottie. Booking was super easy and intuitive, and they had an absolute blast!

Pet Waggin' team at Long Beach Sniffspot

Here's what Max had to say: "As a walker, nearly all of my experiences with dogs is either on leash or inside/some area too small for a dog to dog. Having this little city girl be able to run around in grass unworried and unencumbered was pretty damn neat… plus they made us homemade cookies (for the dog and people!) The hosts were really great... they had anticipated anything we might’ve needed- snacks, treats, poop bags, water for the dog, waters for us, they were awesome!"

Signing Up For Sniff Spot

If you’re interested in booking a Sniffspot dog park, you can create a free account. You can sign up online, or download the app. You need to have a recent front-facing picture to upload and there are some questions you will need to answer to complete your profile. Once you have completed your profile, you can add your payment method and sign up to be alerted of new parks.

dog with toy in yard in long beach sniffspot

Let us know in the comments. Have you tried out Sniffspot? We’d love to hear about your experience!


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