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Sandra she/her

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Pet Waggin' Team Member


What is your favorite thing about working with animals?

I love everything about working with pets. It truly puts a smile on my face to spend time with our furry and not so furry friends. Their energy, their unique personalities and the way they are so present and in the moment with you creates a special bond with them. 

I’ve always had animals in my life- mostly dogs and cats but when the kids were younger the occasional hamster, turtle and gold fish made their way into the family as well. Having pets and working with pets has taught me patience, responsibility, trust , loyalty and compassion! It also keeps me on my toes and reminds me to continue to be curious and active! 

Now my kids are grown and my husband and I have a wonderful Whoodle - Luna who just turned 3! She is a Wheaton terrier/poodle mix and  is a true covid puppy who has no personal space. She is the funniest little girl! We also have a 12 year old cat named Hubert - the two of them are quite the fun companions and provide endless entertainment!

What do you like about working at Pet Waggin?

Joining Pet Waggin’ has been like making it onto the “A” team. Mary Ellen and her staff are all passionate about what they do. It’s very special to be a part of a company that really helps clients to take care of their pets like a valued family member.  The training I’ve received has been fantastic including on-line courses that I’ve learned a lot from on animal behaviour and working as a pet professional. I love our Time to Pet App and being able to share our pet visits with our clients and stay in touch when needed.

“What is your best tip for pet care?” 

Let the pets come to you! Some need a little time to get used to a new person, just like kids do. Once they're comfortable the relationship will build along with their trust! Oh and don’t forget the poop bags!!

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