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Scout Hobbs

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chief security officer


Scout came into my life just after starting Pet Waggin'. He worked his charm and my life found purpose again! 


He was handsome, even tempered, and solid enough to give big bear hugs to - just what every girl needs!


Scout wrote the book on safety! He has ensured that all future Pet Waggin' employees be up to date on the latest walking and sitting safety procedures! 

Unfortunately, our boy Scout passed away in 2016 of heart disease, but he keeps his presence known here on our website because he helped shape this business in the early days and gave me the incentive to succeed. 


He truly thrived while he was “working.” Many dogs who were known to be otherwise skittish or unsocialized enjoyed a special dog pal in Scout. As a result, many of their owners are forever grateful to him for providing that valuable relationship to their pups.

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