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Decompression Walks

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Decompression Walks are an incredibly valuable tool to help your dog relax and utilize their natural instincts. They are allowed to sniff and explore in a calm, no-pressure environment. It's the perfect world! They get to enjoy the world around them while also remaining safe on a long lead.

With Decompression Walks, we carefully select locations that are quiet and with limited to no triggers i.e. barking dogs, skateboarders, kids, etc. While these walks may seem more la-di-da, they help tire your pup out by really working their mind! We find that Decompression Walks are an AMAZING tool not only for active, high-strung, reactive, or anxious dogs, but also our most polite, calm, and balanced dogs as they can provide so much positive benefit to any dog!

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The Details

  • Decompression walks are 90-minute bookings from pick-up to drop-off.

  • Only 1 dog per booking. If you have multiple dogs, you can switch up who gets the Decompression Walk each week!

  • Walks must be regularly scheduled (i.e. same day each week)

  • We provide all supplies, such as water, a long lead, training treats. If your dog has food restrictions, we ask that you provide suitable bite-size training treats.

  • Make sure your dog has a well-fitting harness (we love and recommend the Freedom harness). 

  • Location selection will be based on your location and your dog's needs.



Want to learn more about Decompression Walks and see if it's the right service for your dog?

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