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Enrichment Visits

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Unfortunately, our modern lifestyle here in Long Beach isn't conducive to natural enrichment. Dogs who don’t receive stimulation are more than likely to enrich themselves with unwanted behaviors (i.e. chewing the couch, digging up the backyard) and are more likely to experience stress. That's where enrichment comes in!

Enrichment is any activity that allows your dog to engage in innate behaviors like chasing, smelling, digging, chewing, and scavenging. Allowing your dog to engage in these behaviors will enable him to be physically, emotionally, and mentally satisfied. With our Enrichment Visits, we'll provide stimulating activities tailored to your dog's needs. Maybe he's in need of some puzzle time… or a game of hide and seek… or a sniff walk. Whatever the need, we’ll make sure we’re leaving your dog engaged and satisfied!

Enrichment visits are beneficial for every dog but we find them particularly helpful when:

- The weather is too hot for outdoor activities -

- Your dog experiences fear or reactivity during walks -

- Your dog is older and needs stimulation/enrichment outside of exercise -

- You have a puppy with a lot of energy -

What our clients are saying on yelp...

"I love Pet Waggin Pet Care, but more importantly, Lily the Golden Retriever and Sassy the Schnauzer love it! Max and Brenda have gotten to know my dogs well, and gear walks/enrichment towards what they need and where they are in their training.... I can't recommend them highly enough. They are reasonably priced, and go above and beyond. I haven't even mentioned that they fill the girls water bowl and bring in any packages that may have been left out. And I LOVE the lovely pics and reports they give after every walk. 

If you're searching for a great, trustworthy company to entrust your animals with, you've found it!"

~ Kellie A. 

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The Details

  • Enrichment Visits are personalized 30-min or 45-min visits with interactive toys, puzzles, and games that engage your dog’s senses and instincts. A quick potty break can also be incorporated into this visit, but remember, the main objective of this visit is mental stimulation.

  • Our staff will arrive for the visit with their enrichment kit (puzzle, snuffle mat, button, cups, treats). We also encourage dog parents to provide materials as well, such as paper towel rolls, empty box, packing paper, etc.


30 min. =  $32

45 min. =  $40

Want to learn more about what enrichment is all about and see if an Enrichment Visit is right for your dog?

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