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Dog Walking

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Because Every dog needs a fun waggin' walk!

We believe every dog deserves a healthy life.  Whether you work long hours or just want to give your pup something to look forward to during the day, our dog walking service is the perfect answer. Your best friend gets taken out for an invigorating, interactive, and joy-filled walk and you get the peace of mind knowing you’ve given them what they need for a healthy life.  We have walks designed to meet every pups needs. 

Dog playing in the grass with leash and harness on during walk


30 minute walk = $28

45 minute extended walk = $33

60 minute deluxe walk = $38

Offered  from 9am-5pm. A $2.00 charge will be added for earlier or later visits.  

Which option should you choose for your dog?

See below for the difference!

Note: We don't charge extra for multiple dogs from the same household.

30 Minute Walk

45 & 60 Minute Walks

When they have to go, they have to go.


Every pet needs a potty break, especially puppies and senior dogs. Keeping your dog healthy, happy, and out of trouble is our goal. 


Experts agree that giving your dog at least 30 minutes of exercise a day can help reduce obesity and increase their life span by up to two years!


They'll be relieved and so will you. 

Does your dog ever look at you and say, “Is that all you got?”


Some dogs aren’t happy until they’re exhausted. Or maybe your pups vary in age and exercise requirements.


These longer visits allow us to tire out an energetic pup or break the walk up into individual segments to make sure that everybody gets a walk so all individual needs are met.

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What our clients are saying on Yelp...

"If I even mention Pet Waggin' in conversation, Lalafey's ears perk up and she runs to the window looking for the van. My dog absolutely loves Mary Ellen ... I used to be a bit jealous of their relationship... but isn't that what you want... someone who makes your baby feel loved and cared for. Mary Ellen is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ Alexa S.

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on 02/28/2013

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