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  • How can I get started?
    The first step is to book a complimentary call with us so we can go over any questions you may have as well as make sure we have availability for the services and dates you're requesting. You can review our full onboarding process for new clients so you know exactly what to expect in joining the Pet Waggin' Pet Care family!
  • How do I schedule a service?
    We use Time To Pet software for scheduling, communicating and billing. As a Pet Waggin’ client, you will have your very own client portal account. From this portal, you will be able to provide real-time updates for all of your pet(s) information, your information, request future services, view scheduled services, pay invoices, and message us directly. Our scheduling software books visits using time blocks.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Your consideration when scheduling and canceling service is greatly appreciated and allows us to schedule not only our work schedule but time with our families and loved ones. ​ a. Cancelations need to be made via your online portal. ​ b. Cancellations received after 7pm the night before service or on the day of service will be charged the full-service rate. ​ c. If you are traveling and return from a trip early, we will charge for the services scheduled on the date you cancel and apply the prepaid balance for any visits the following days as a credit toward future service​s.
  • How do you handle keys?
    All our keys tags are coded so there is no identifying information on them such as your name or address. If we will be using keys to access your home, please have two copies (required) ready to go at the Meet & Greet. (Note: If we need to make an additional trip to your home to pick these up, a charge of $20 will be charged to your account). Key Options: Keep in inventory - We pick up two copies of your keys at the Meet & Greet and keep those in inventory for future service. All keys are kept securely in our office when not in use and the key tag is coded. Lockbox - Client provides a lockbox (can be purchased online or at most hardware stores). We ask that two copies of your keys be placed inside in case of emergency lockout. Please have the lockbox location and combination at the Meet & Greet. Secure buildings (no keys provided) - If you cannot provide keys and sitters are required to obtain access to the building and/or your home from the building office or by contacting you to buzz us in each visit, you will need to book a longer visit to allow time for that process. ​Pick up/return each booking - If you decide to have the sitter leave the key in your home, please arrange for a neighbor or someone nearby to have a spare key if you are delayed. Should the client choose not to provide keys to Pet Waggin' to maintain in their inventory, we will add a fee each time we pick-up or drop off keys.
  • How am I billed and how do I pay?
    Our monthly dog walking clients are billed on the last day of service each month and payment is due 7-days from billing date. All other services are billed at the time of booking and payment is due on or before the first date of service. We accept ACH payments and major credit cards. You can make payments in your client profile in Time to Pet. Pet Waggin’ never stores or logs any of your payment information (other than the last four digits). We only integrate with payment processors that support remote storage of credit card information for the highest level of security.
  • How much notice do I need to book service?
    For new clients it’s best to book an Onboarding Call 1-2 weeks ahead of time so we can answer any questions, confirm availablity, and schedule a complementary meet and greet with your pet care team. For existing clients, in most cases we can accommodate same day service requests, but as much notice as possible is always appreciated. Our staff schedule is posted on Fridays for the following week. Any add on's after Fridays each week are subject to availability.
  • Do you charge more for multiple pets?
    Pet Waggin' Inc. does not charge an extra fee for multiple pets, except for our Dog Park Play Days, as space is limited. Please consider booking longer visits for multiple pet households, dogs that require more exercise, or pets that require detailed special care.
  • What’s included in a visit?
    Every visit includes playtime or a walk, belly rubs and scratches in all the right places, feeding if needed, fresh water, waste removal or litter box maintenance (cat/pet sitting visits only), and a visit update letting you know how things went. We can also do any of the following by request at no additional charge but we may need to book a longer visit: Bring in mail, newspaper, packages, & flyers Administer medications On rainy days, a nice towel off and cleaning of wet paws Alternate lights Leave porch light on for you Open and close window coverings Water house and garden plants (within reason) Move trash bins on trash days For more information on our services, head to our services page.
  • Who will be caring for my pets?
    When you start service, you will meet with 1-2 of our staff. They will be your primary pet sitter/dog walkers. Our foremost priority is the safety and security of our clients, their pets, and their property. We make sure to carefully screen each of our sitters before starting. Our staff members are dedicated employees, not contractors. Having our staff work together as a team ensures that clients receive quality consistent care from each member. In addition to the multiple interviews, background checks, and reference checks, we also dedicate a lot of time and resources on training for our staff. Meet & learn about each of our staff members here. You can also learn more about our hiring process by clicking here.
  • Will it be the same walker/sitter each time?
    When you start service, you will meet with 1-2 of our members of our pet care staff. Our employees work together as a team. This results in consistent top quality care from every member of our team. To learn more about this proess, check out our blog post on our team structure and why it's so beneficial for your pets! It allows us to increase our availability when you have last minute plans and need our services. It also allows us to meet the needs of our staff for their days off, vacations, or personal appointments. Your pets will have their own personal pet care team. If we ever need to schedule a new staff member to cover a visit, we will inform you ahead of time and give you the option of scheduling a meeting with that staff member beforehand.
  • Can I meet the sitter before service?
    Of course! We are a relationship service based on trust. We want our clients to have peace of mind knowing that they have met with and are comfortable with the pet sitter caring for their pet. This initial meet and greet not only provides you with peace of mind, but also gives your pets a chance to meet us as well - which means less stress for them when we visit!
  • Will the sitter send me an update?
    Yes, your sitter will send you an update through the Time To Pet Software with a photo after every visit!
  • What areas do you service?
    We service the Long Beach and Signal Hill communities. Our westernmost border is the 710 frwy, our northernmost border is Carson Street, and our easternmost border is the 605 frwy.
  • Will my dog be walked with other dogs?
    We want to treat your pup(s) like the VIP (or VID) they are. That’s why our leash walks are specific to the dogs in your household. This allows us to safely walk them and give them our undivided attention to their individual needs. If you have a multiple dog household and they are relatively similar in physical ability and can be safely walked together then we will walk them together. If you have an older pup and a younger pup then we suggest booking a longer visit so we can split the time and walk each of your pups individually so each one gets the walk that’s catered to their needs and ability.
  • When will you visit my pets and how long will the visits be?
    Our clients determine how often we visit, the preset time block for visits, and how long each visit will be based on the care needs of their pets. Visit durations Visits are either 30, 45 or 60 minutes. Visits begin when we exit our vehicle and end after we have sent you an update and locked your door. Pet Waggin' Inc. does not charge an extra fee for multiple pets. Please consider booking longer visits for multiple pet households, dogs that require more exercise or pets that require detailed special care. Visit times We strive to accommodate the needs of your pet. Pet Waggin’ Inc. provides preset time blocks during which our visits will occur. We will arrive within the two-hour time block. This allows our team to optimize their daily route and give priority to pets with special needs (potty training pup, medications, etc). Visit Time Blocks: 7am - 9am Early morning visit - Only for clients who are traveling 9am - 11am Mid-morning visit 11am - 1pm Mid-day visit - Dog walks only 1pm - 3pm Afternoon visit - Dog walks only 3pm - 5pm Late afternoon visit 5pm - 7pm Evening visit 7pm - 8pm Late night visit - Only for clients who are traveling
  • Why use a professional pet sitter/dog walker?
    We're glad you asked! 😉 Please check out our blog posts addressing this exact question! 1. Why You Shouldn't Leave Your Pet with Friends or Family 2. The REAL Reasons Why Professional Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters Are Your Best Bet
  • How should I prepare for my pet sitter?
    We created a checklist just for this question to ensure a smooth and happy transition for your pets! You can access the checklist here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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