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The Process



We know picking a pet care provider can be overwhelming enough. Figuring out who to trust with your pets is no joke and we're serious about making the Pet Waggin' experience not only a good one, but an easy one for your busy schedule. If you're looking to get start with Pet Waggin', all you have to do is follow the process listed below. 

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Step 1:

Book a call with us to learn more, go over questions, and see our availability!

This is the best way to get started with us, as it allows us to connect and make sure we have the availability for your specific needs. If you decide you want to proceed, we'll send you the next steps right on the phone!

Step 2:

Activate your account in our software and fill out your home/pet care information then we'll schedule your Meet & Greet.

Thoroughly completing your client and pet paperwork helps us provide quality, comprehensive care for your pets. Check out our tips on how to complete this and why we ask what we do. Once this is ready to go, we'll schedule your Meet & Greet, which allows us to meet your pet(s), go over your paperwork, and any other questions you may have prior to your pet's first visit with us!

Step 3:

Sit back, relax, and enjoy all the updates of your pets having a blast! You can now use your  client account to schedule future services and message your sitters.

That's it! That's darn simple, friends! You and your pets can enjoy your services when you're busy or out of town. Now, moving forward, you can use your client account (online or through the app) to schedule future services, receive report cards after each visit, pay invoices, message your sitters directly, and more! 

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Downloading the Mobile App:

Time To Pet Tutorial:

Pet Waggin' Policies:

Troubleshooting Resources:

What clients are saying ABOUT OUR PROCESS...

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"Pet Waggin' has been my only pet sitting service for going on 8 years, first with just one cat, and now for our 3 cats! Their service has always been excellent, but now it's gone up to another level since they've started using the Time To Pet website and app. You input all your data about your pets and your home, so that everyone is working from the same info at all times. Best of all, all the communication happens within the app, which means there is a record of all the messages and pictures that you exchange with the service--so much better than texting! We got to use it for the first time last week when we finally got to go out of town for a long weekend and I loved it! You get a notification when the sitter starts the service, and they send a little summary with pics at the end of the visit to let you know how your pets are doing. All the sitters are so caring and professional; I feel more confident in their service than ever. Being away from our pets is hard, but knowing that Pet Waggin' is taking care of them makes it easier, and I can't wait to give them more business once we can travel like we used to again!"

~ Steph H. 

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