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Dog Training

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Trained dog sitting with leash and smiling at park in Long Beach

"Training is not a luxury but a key component to good animal care. Everyone who has a pet should understand that basic fact. Training is a way to enhance the quality of life for our pets. It is far more than teaching a dog to do a cute trick. Training is about teaching a dog (or any animal) how to live in our world safely."

~ Ken Ramirez

About Pet Waggin' Training

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Training enhances the lives of dogs both young and old, so whether you want to start your puppy off on the right paw or teach an old dog new tricks, training will improve their quality of life, keep them mentally stimulated and help keep them physically safe.

What should you expect when using Pet Waggin’ training? Our main goal is for every party involved to be learning and having fun! We believe it is important to build a fun, loving, and trusting relationship between dogs and their owners. We want you and your dog to love training together, so we will not be using any painful or aversive training techniques.  


We use positive reinforcement training techniques to help motivate your dog and make them excited about learning. Science has shown that when you reinforce behaviors in any creature, the behaviors will happen more often. The easiest way to positively reinforce behavior is by using treats or other rewards! Dogs love food and making them work for it is a fun and easy way to help them learn. Pet Waggin’ training will never tell you to teach your dog by giving harsh physical or verbal corrections, or by using aversive tools that cause unnecessary pain or discomfort.

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What our clients are saying...

"Pet Waggin has been absolute life saver for us. We are the owners of two big pups, Gus our Bernedoodle and Zoe our Chocolate Labrador who are in need of constant attention and exercise...We recently worked with their dog trainer Noah who came to the house to train with Gus & Zoe. In just 6 short lessons they have had a complete transformation. They now stay by our side when we walk them and wait patiently on their beds when guests arrive at our home. Two issues we have been dealing with for years till Noah arrived! Noah was also incredibly patient with my husband and I, where he gave us detailed & written feedback, tips & tricks on how to keep up with the training. Mary Ellen and Noah when above and beyond and even spent time with the dog walkers to teach them so they could continue practicing with while on their weekly walks. I highly recommend Pet Waggin. If Gus & Zoe could talk I know they would too!"

~ Joanne L.

Yelp on 1/26/2020

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