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Madeline she/her  they/them

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Pet Waggin' Team Member


"What is your favorite part of working with animals?"

I love working with animals! Ever since I was a child I have wanted the responsibility of being a pet owner. At the age of eight years old, I did extensive research on how to properly care for a dog and wrote a persuasive essay to my parents asking for one. Well, my essay worked and it opened up the floodgates for me to pursue being a caretaker for animals! We added two dogs to the family. During my time as a pet parent, I have learned that being with animals serves as a lesson on being attentive, present and available. I currently have two senior cats within my family, and they are a beneficial part of my life.

"What  I like most about working at Pet Waggin?"

I enjoy working with Pet Waggin because we are provided with training to learn how to professionally care for pets. Pet Waggin uses a hybrid method of education with online informative sessions to learn animal behavior as well as hands-on training with a fellow company,  Underdogs Long Beach, to learn how to build relationships between humans and dogs. Being a Pet Waggin pet sitter is an enriching experience as I am continuously learning how to understand and work with animals. Because of the resources that Pet Waggin provides, I am better equipped to responsibly care for each pet and I am set up for success.

"What is your #1 pet care tip or something you want to share with clients?"

My advice to working with animals is to keep healthy, yummy treats with you during visits!  Animals love receiving treats, but it is necessary to make sure that the food is within the dietary needs of the animal. When training with pets, the treats serve as a reward for when the pet completes a desired action.  Even the grumpiest of cats, for example, may approach you because you have a treat. The treats can also be something a pet searches for under a cup or a puzzle which stimulates their little brains as an enrichment activity. Some of my favorite snacks to feed cats are salmon treats, and for dogs it is fruitables. The animals love to gobble them!

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