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Sadie she/her

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Pet Waggin' Team Member

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What working with pets has taught me

Working with animals has taught me so much and I can honestly say, for once, I love my job. Each animal has a unique personality, and it’s so rewarding seeing them come out of their shell and gaining trust with you. I’ve learned that we are all connected in some way or another, we are all alike more than we know it and life runs through us all, we can’t take that for granted. 

I am a Long Beach native who has grown up with animals since I was 9 years old. Animals have been there for me in ways many people could not, they have a healing and calming energy that comes from a place of love. I have a 10 yr old pittie mix that I’ve had since she was a few months old, a 5 yr old Maltese mix, and two cats, all of which I love as my own children. I have worked with animals before joining the PetWaggin team by house/pet sitting in different states and cities. 

What I like most about working at Pet Waggin

As soon as I joined the PetWaggin team I knew I was right where I needed to be, I met like-minded people that shared the love, joy, and compassion being involved with animals brings us. I praise Mary Ellen and her company for what it stands for, the methods we use to work with our four legged friends, and the training that we receive online and in person working with a dog trainer to ensure that every animal I interact with from now on will receive accurate and safe handling. I enjoy my job and not many people can say that, and for that I’m very grateful to be a apart of this team. 

"What is your #1 pet care tip or something you want to share with clients?"

If you have a male indoor cat and he suddenly starts to urinate outside the litter box and this is out of the normal for him, please please please go get him checked out, I almost lost my fur baby to urinary stones.

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