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Barktastic Gifts for Your Dogs

Are you looking for gifts to get your dogs this holiday season?

Barktastic Gifts For Your Dogs | Pet Waggin' Pet Care

If so, we have made shopping easy for you with a list of some gifts we want to get our pups this year!

1. Tennis Balls with a Chuck It:

Does your dog love a good game of fetch? If so, this gift is a no brainer. Tennis balls are great for fetch in the backyard or the dog park and the Chuck It really helps you throw the ball a good distance…good for tiring out your pup without wearing out your arm.  Talk about a good game of fetch!

2. Kongs:

If your pup is destructive chewer or just a puppy going through his teething stage, this is a great interactive toy! Kongs come in all sizes and durability and are great for powerful chewers.

3. Dog Bed:

As much as we love cuddling with our dogs every night, sometimes we all just need a little space! This holiday season, get your dog a new dog bed that can be put in your room, or the living room or even outside for them! Dog beds can be found at any local pet store, or other department stores.

4. Fresh Baked Dog Biscuits:

If you are feeling adventurous, you could get in the kitchen and bake up some delicious dog treats for your pup this holiday season!

If you are not the baking type go to a local pet shop and see if they make their own dog treats! This is a great way to get your pup unique treats and support local business. We love the ones that Bob makes at the Paw Shoppe.

5. Barkbox Subscription:

BarkBox is a great way to try a variety of treats and toys from local and small businesses you may not otherwise be able to find. Your pup will be waiting for their box to come each month with a new treats and toys!

6. Diamond studded collar with ID tag:

For the pup that has everything, how about a diamond studded collar with a brand new name and ID tag? All of these items can be found at your local pet store.


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