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Four Reasons Why It’s Better To Have a Team Care for Your Pet

We here at Pet Waggin’ Pet Care are proud of the fact that our employees are well, just that! Employees. We pride ourselves on having a team of dedicated, vetted employees, not just contractors. To ensure the safety of our clients, both human and four-legged, we make sure our sitters go through multiple interviews, as well as background and reference checks, knowing that the time and resources we spend on researching and training our staff are well worth it when it comes to the quality of care we provide to you! Learn more about each team member and find out more about our vetting process on our About page!

Four Reasons Why It’s Better To Have a Team Care for Your Pet | Pet Waggin' Pet Care | Long Beach

We’re proud of the Pet Waggin’ team and, as our clients, you can be proud to be a part of the Long Beach Pet Waggin’ family! We know it’s not possible to show our credentials to your pets (They’re still working on their ABC’s 😉). Sometimes it can be unnerving for pets and their humans when they’re not sure who is going to be the one coming into their space and taking care of them. Many pet owners feel it may be easier to find that one dedicated sitter who just knows them and their pet. But what happens when the sitter is not available? Because it happens. They might get stuck leaving their favorite buddy with a complete stranger at the last minute, who doesn’t know anything about his routine. Pet Waggin’ never wants that to happen to your pet, which is why we have small micro-teams in place.

Here are four reasons why we believe it’s better to have a team instead of one dedicated pet sitter:

1. You’re always covered.

One of the best things about Pet Waggin’ is that we don't charge for last minute pet sitting needs. We understand that life happens and unexpected events call for a pet sitter! When you work with an individual pet sitter, you’re reliant upon their schedule and should something unexpected come up, you can only hope they’re available.  When you work with us, our team mentality ensures that you are always covered. If one of your regular sitters isn’t available, we have others available within your micro-team who already know your pet(s). Because of our team structure, we make sure that you and your pet are taken care of, no matter what.

Four Reasons Why It’s Better To Have a Team Care for Your Pet | Pet Waggin' Pet Care | Long Beach

2. Micro-teams based in your area!

Because we know that last minute events happen and it can be difficult to line your schedule up identically with one sitter, you will have your own designated micro-team based on your location in the Long Beach and Signal Hill areas.  When you set your first impressions meeting with us, we go over ALL of these situations so you understand your team and how it works!  These teams collaborate, which allows multiple dog walkers and/or pet sitters to get to know you and your pet(s) holistically so that a secondary team member can step in should something happen or your first sitter is unavailable.  

3. Collaboration and relationship building.

We’re in the business of building relationships. Well, we’re in the business of pets! But we don’t just walk or sit your pets, we truly LOVE them! We cherish the relationships we’ve built with you and your pets and look forward to greeting your furry family members at the door with snuggles and pettin’s, just as much as you do! We also love the relationships we’ve built with our team members. Because of this camaraderie and team-building atmosphere here at Pet Waggin’, we feel very protective of our clients and their pets.

This is why we partner together for each of the pets left in our care. Whenever a different pet sitter comes to care for your pet, there is an extensive amount of communication and collaboration. Your secondary sitters are already familiar with your pet’s needs because of our micro-team structure. Should they need to fill in, they will already know your pet’s routine and preferences. Your whole micro-team will be updated with anything else, such as changes in medication, new foods, etc. This ensures that the care your pet receives is consistent and is A+ quality!

Four Reasons Why It’s Better To Have a Team Care for Your Pet | Pet Waggin' Pet Care | Long Beach

4. Additional socialization for your pet.

We’re excited that we can offer highly qualified pet sitters to interact and socialize with your pet.  We vet our sitters to ensure they are highly knowledgeable in pet sitting, animal behavior, and safety. We find that, at times, pets lack socialization opportunities because they are generally used to their favorite humans: you and one dedicated sitter! However, when you have multiple professionals who are specially trained to work with your pets, it does wonders for animals’ socialization, especially for those who are nervous or shy.  We have a special love for all animals and an unending supply of patience for your pets. If you have a pet that needs a little extra TLC, let us know and we’ll find a time where both members of your micro-team can come during your first impressions meeting so the socialization process can be that much smoother.

Four Reasons Why It’s Better To Have a Team Care for Your Pet | Pet Waggin' Pet Care | Long Beach

Since 2016, we’ve been voted the best pet sitting and dog walking business of Long Beach, and we strongly believe that it’s not just because we adore your pets.  It’s also because, for over 12 years, we have finessed our process and added members to our team environment to ensure we meet our clients’ needs in an exceptional way.  We invest in our employees so that they can invest in you and your pet’s experience. We never want you to be without the quality help you need and we believe life is better when you work in a team!  If you’re ready for you and your pet to meet your Pet Waggin’ team, schedule your first impressions meeting now. We can’t wait to meet you!


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