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Explore the Long Beach Outdoors with Recommendations from the Owner of Pet Waggin’ Pet Care

Twelve years ago, Mary Ellen Hobbs founded our pet-sittin’ service, Pet Waggin’ Pet Care, and embarked on a journey that would touch the lives of clients (and their pets!) across the Long Beach and Signal Hill communities. Along with her two dogs, Scout and Pancho, there were many adventures to be had and even more friends to be made. 

Long Beach Pet Friendly Activities

Mary Ellen has been feelin’ quite nostalgic lately and for good reason. Prowlin’ around town with Scout and Pancho was some of the best memory-making fun she’s had! She was able to discover all that Long Beach has to offer by taking her pups to dog parks, hiking along nature trails, and enjoying the sunny beaches. Since then, Scout has unfortunately passed over the rainbow bridge. Meanwhile, ole’ Pancho remains our Chief Entertainment Officer and continues to sniff out all the fun happenings around the Long Beach Community. 

Mary Ellen and her family will never forget the fun times with Scout and Pancho, so we’d like to share all of her favorite outdoor activities she used to embark on here in Long Beach in the hopes that you’ll be able to make just as fun and memorable experiences with your pet family:

Mary Ellen, Scout, and Pancho absolutely loved walking along the LA Riverhead, but there are tons of ways to experience and enjoy the beautiful views that the LA River has to offer, from walking, picnicking, bird watching, and more! She loved the LA River because it made her feel closer to the city and the community, and it was a great way to take advantage of its amazing public resources. Check out their schedule for seemingly endless events and activities to enjoy!

El Dorado East Regional Park in Long Beach - Dog-Friendly

El Dorado Park is, in Mary Ellen’s opinion, one of the most beautiful places to walk your leashed pups! She and her dogs really enjoyed the northern back portion, which is one of the prettiest and secluded areas of the city. It’s so green and quiet, you’ll forget you even live in the city. Throughout the park, you’ll find miles of trails and paths to explore, and even on the weekends, there seems to be enough space for everyone!

The Details:

   Location: 7550 E. Spring St

   Hours: Fall/Winter: 7am - 5pm; Spring/Summer: 7am - 8pm

Shoreline Village in Long Beach California - Dog Walking Friendly

Scout and Pancho loved going downtown on weekend mornings! This was a special time for Mary Ellen and the pups because the city was so quiet and still, especially down by the pike and Pine Avenue. It was a great time to take in the sights and be at peace after a long, busy work week! Shoreline Village is another reliable local favorite--aside from the wonderful water views, you and your pups can take a break at any bench and watch the sunrise/sunset over a wonderful view of the water. 

The Details:

   Location: 301 E. Ocean Blvd

   Hours: Vary

Marine Stadium and Colorado Lagoon in Long Beach Pet Friendly Places To Walk

Mary Ellen, Scout, and Pancho loved visiting Marine Stadium and the Colorado Lagoon, which are situated close enough to visit together! If you leash up your pups and take a stroll along the getty, you’ll also get the chance to make other furry friends. Scout and Pancho enjoyed watching the rowers at Marine Stadium, and afterward, enjoying a cozy rest at the Colorado Lagoon. 

The Details:

   Marine Stadium

   Location: 5255 Paoli Way

   Hours: N/A

   The Colorado Lagoon

   Location: 5119 E Colorado St.

   Hours: 6am - 10pm every day

Gum Grove Pet-Friendly Place To Walk Your Dog in Long Beach

Gum Grove is another favorite. It’s located along the border of Long Beach and Seal Beach. Gum Grove is a local favorite for dog walking along a beautiful trail shaded by eucalyptus and sycamore trees. Because of its proximity to wild nature, of course, we recommend leashing your pups and keep an eye out for coyotes!

The Details:

   Location: Crestview & Avalon Drive (On the Hill)

   Hours: Dawn until Dusk

Recreation Dog Park is the dog park that Pet Waggin’ Pet Care goes to for our dog park play days! It has watering stations, benches, and poop bags for guests. It is also lighted at night time, a big bonus for the night owls. For a long time, Recreation Dog Park was the only dog park in Long Beach. For that reason, we consider Recreation Dog Park the ‘OG’! 

The Details:

   Location: 5201 E. 7th Street

   Hours: 6am - 10pm every day

Rosie's Dog Beach in Long Beach

Of course, we can’t forget Rosie’s Dog Beach! Rosie’s is actually the only real off-leash dog beach in the Long Beach area. What’s not to love? Rosie’s Dog Beach is a 4-acre free space for dogs to run, play, swim, fetch, and roam. Afterward, check out the nearby boardwalk, which was once a dog-free zone but now offers another path to walk your dog!

The Details: 

   Location: On Ocean Boulevard between Granada Ave. & Roycroft Ave.

   Hours: 6am - 8pm

Looking for more furry fun in the Long Beach community? Pet Waggin’ is all about finding more adventures! Be sure to check out our FULL Pet-Friendly Guide to Long Beach. After a long day of exploring, take a rest and grab a bite to eat with your pup at one of our recommended Pet-Friendly Long Beach Restaurants. And of course, follow us on Instagram at @petwagginpetcare for more of our favorite recommendations!


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