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All About Professional Cat Sitting In Long Beach (& Why To Choose Pet Waggin’)

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

It’s great to have friends or family to rely on when we need something. But when it comes to caring for our favorite furry feline, there’s nothing that beats the peace of mind knowing that your cat is in professional hands. With a professional cat sitter, you know that your cat and home are safe in the event of an emergency. The truth is… dog sitting and walking are commonly talked about, but cat sitting doesn’t get discussed enough. So we’re here to share what to expect from a professional cat sitter. Plus, we just might be able to point you to the best cat sitting in Long Beach. Hint: it’s us!

Why Book A Cat Sitter?

You probably know people who have used a dog sitting service in the past. After all, dogs can be high maintenance. They need to go outside to take care of business. They need to be exercised so they don’t tear up the house. And many dogs suffer from some level of separation anxiety, seemingly needing more human attention than their feline counterparts.

If you’ve never been owned by a cat before, you might think of cats as being solitary and independent. A full food dish, a litter box, and a couple of pats should be enough to sustain them, shouldn’t it?

cat care long beach ca

Experienced cat people know that this simply is not true. Cats can be just as demanding of attention as dogs… sometimes more so. Cats need interaction and play time and truly thrive on attention. If their owner is gone, and they’re off their routine, cats can get anxious and scared and even develop separation anxiety.

That’s why a cat sitter is the perfect solution. A professional cat sitter (like the amazing sitters on our team at Pet Waggin’) won’t just throw some food in a dish and call it a day. Your sitter will work to build a relationship with your cat so that he feels safe and comfortable. Whether you’re going out of town for a trip, or you’re working long hours and feel your cat needs more attention, professional pet care ensures that their needs are met and emergencies are ready to be handled.

What To Expect With A Pet Waggin’ Cat Sitter

First and foremost, you can rest assured. Your Pet Waggin’ sitter won’t come charging in, terrifying your cat into hiding. They’ll take time to build your cat’s trust. This starts early on at the First Impressions Visit where your cats sitter is introduced to your cat and home.

First Impressions

Your cat’s profile and this First Impressions Visit are important first steps to building that trust. Your cat sitter will need to learn as much as they possibly can about your cat: their likes, their dislikes, their quirks. This means that any and all information you can provide in your cat’s profile and in that first meeting will help your cat sitter bond with your cat sooner.

cat sitting in long beach

The First Impressions Visit lasts between 15-30 minutes. At this visit, you can ask any questions you have and tell your pet sitter any details you may have forgotten in your profile. This is also your chance to show where your cat’s favorite hiding places are, demonstrate where they like being petted (and which areas are hands-off), and where you keep your cat’s favorite toys or treats.

Future Visits

At Pet Waggin’, your cat won’t be subjected to an endless parade of sitters. Your cat will have a designated sitter and, of course, a backup sitter because sometimes life happens.

Once your cat’s profile and First Impressions Visit have been completed, you are all set to book future care! With especially shy or unsure kitties, we highly suggest booking some visits to just get their paws wet and get them used to their sitter before booking a long trip.

Your cat sitter will take your cat’s profile and notes from the First Impressions Visit into account in all future visits. They’ll approach your cat in a way that makes sense for their personality and preferences.

cat litter box cleanup long beach

At every visit, your cat sitter will perform the basics. Let us know where the food is and how much your cat gets at feeding time. Any litter boxes will be scooped, so your cat keeps their business where it belongs, and so you come home to a fresh-smelling house. Water will be refreshed, and we’ll even address any household needs like plant watering, taking in the mail, or taking out the trash.

But we don’t stop there. We go above and beyond for our kitties!

If your cat has a favorite toy, or if there is a game they like to play with you, your pet sitter will use your cat’s booked visit time to make sure your cat gets playtime and attention. Believe it or not, enrichment is not just a dog thing. Enrichment activities are an important part of keeping your cat happy. With dogs, enrichment can be fairly simple… going on a walk, sniff time, puzzles, etc. But with cats, you have to get a bit more creative. That’s our strong suit! We love figuring out how to get your cat’s body and mind working so that they’re active, engaged, and content while you’re away.

cat enrichment cat sitting in long beach

But don’t worry… if your cat prefers cuddles, we’ll do that too. Once your cat is used to their sitter, we’ll give them all the love and affection they need. We won’t rush your cat. We let them get used to us and allow them to approach us on their own. The time it takes is worth it. After all, a lap full of purring cat is one of the best parts of the job!

Pet Waggin’ pet sitters are careful to keep pet parents in the loop. We’ll send you a report after each visit. If something seems off about your cat, we’ll be sure to keep you informed so you can let us know how you want it handled. We’ll also be sure to send you lots of pictures so you can see for yourself how your cat is getting along.

If your cat is on any type of medication, you can rest assured knowing that they are being properly medicated. Be sure to include thorough instructions in their profile about proper administration and dosage. If medications or dosages change, you can easily update your cat’s profile at any time. A quick pro tip: If your cat is on pills and doesn’t easily accept a pill pocket, ask your vet about a compounded liquid. This can save your cat a load of stress from being handled by someone they aren’t used to.

Why Choose Pet Waggin’?

The truth is, anyone can whip up a web page and call themself a pet sitter. But your cat is a part of your family, so you need to know that you can trust the people you are letting into your home to care for your precious family member. That’s why Pet Waggin’ pet sitters are employees and not contractors. Everyone is background checked, so you know exactly who is in your house. And as employees, trainings are made mandatory and protocols must be followed to a T. We are also licensed, bonded, and insured for your peace of mind.

To learn more about what makes Pet Waggin’ stand out from the pack in Long Beach, check out our About page!


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