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Your Pup and the Back to School Blues

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

It’s that time of the year is back in session! That means the kids are out of the house, sports are starting back up and your family is going to be busy as ever. Did you know when school is back in session, your pets actually have a harder time adjusting?

Your Pup And The Back To School Blues | Pet Waggin' Pet Care

Here are some tips to keep your pets happy and entertained while everyone is busy with school!

1. Set a routine:

Get a routine going with you and your family that includes your pets. Your routine should include feeding, walking, and play!

2. Keep your pets occupied throughout the day:

Before leaving for the day, leave toys and treats that will keep your pets occupied throughout the day.

  • Kongs are great examples for your dogs. Stuff a kong with treats and peanut butter and give it to your pets as you leave. It will take them sometime to get the treats out and will distract your pup from realizing everyone is gone for the day!

  • Turning on music or leaving the T.V on is a great way to keep your pets distracted during the day as well.

3. Safety:

During the morning rush sometimes your pets can get lost in the mix.

  • Make sure that your pets are left in a safe area when you leave the house in the morning to ensure they do not get out as the family leaves the house.

  • Make sure gates, windows or other escape routes are secure as the family is gone. If your pet goes missing, follow these steps.

4. Hire a dog walker:

With summer coming to an end and schedules get busier you dog may miss out on walks. We believe every dog deserves a healthy life.  Whether you work long hours or just want to give your pup something to look forward to during the day our dog walking service is the perfect answer. Your best friend gets taken out for an interactive and fun walk and you have the peace of mind knowing you’ve given them what they need for a healthy life.


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