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Beach Fun!

With the summer heating up, there’s no better time for a day at the beach!

Beach Fun | Pet Waggin' Pet Care

To help you enjoy the summer fun with your furry friend, we’ve compiled a list of tips that are sure to help you have a fun and successful beach day with your dog:

1. Plan ahead:

Before heading out for a day of fun in the sun with your dog, make sure you find a beach that is dog-friendly, and that you know what the expectation is in terms of leashes. In Long Beach, we are fortunate to have Rosie’s Dog Beach, where dogs are permitted to frolic off-leash. Just make sure you are in the properly designated area before letting your dog off leash. If you are outside of the Long Beach area, try consulting with your city’s Parks and Recreation website for information on dog-friendly beaches. 

2. Make sure your dog is ready:

Puppies under four months, unvaccinated dogs, or dogs who have not been spayed or neutered should not spend time off leash for their safety and the safety of other dogs. Before going to the beach, also make sure your dog is well-trained on his recall command, that he is a good swimmer, and is not aggressive toward other dogs. 

3. Be prepared:

There are several environmental factors which can affect your dog’s health and well being at the beach. Be prepared for high heat during the day and very chilly evenings. Make sure your dog has access to shade and fresh water for the entire time you are at the beach, and discourage him from drinking sea water as much as possible. It can also be a good idea to bring along a life vest for your dog if you are unsure of his aquatic prowess. Dogs with thin or light fur, especially those with pink noses and paw pads can sunburn easily. Consider investing in some dog sunscreen to help protect Fido from dangerous UV rays. Never use a zinc-based sunscreen on your dog as it can be very toxic if ingested. 

4. Water safety:

Make sure your dog stays clear of deep or choppy water, and is wearing a life vest if possible. Before going to the beach, do a little research and educate yourself on how to perform CPR on a dog so you are ready should an emergency arise. And, of course, always obey posted signs and lifeguard instructions. 

5. Clean up:

It is good etiquette and helps keep the beach clean and safe for everyone, make sure you pick up your dog’s waste and throw it away in the trash can, burying it is not sufficient. Also make sure you pick up any other trash or debris you see which will not only protect your dog from eating something he shouldn’t, but will leave the beach just a little cleaner than you found it. 


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