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Dog Friendly Restaurants Near Rosie’s Dog Beach

Whether you live in Long Beach, or you’re just here for a visit, Rosie’s Dog Beach is a must-do outing for outdoor and water-loving dogs. Rosie’s is the perfect place for your dog to enjoy the beautiful California coast in a safe, off-leash environment. But, of course, all of that fun sure does work up an appetite. After a long walk on the beach or a frolic in the water, treat yourself and your pup to a meal out. There are plenty of dog friendly restaurants just a quick hop, skip, or a jump away from Rosie’s Dog Beach.

dogs playing at beach rosie's dog beach long beach

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite dog friendly restaurants near Rosie’s Dog Beach plus we’ve included a few pup-friendly hot spots. Stop in with your dog after the beach or any time you’re looking for a dog friendly place to eat in Long Beach.

Dog Friendly Restaurants Near Rosie’s Dog Beach

Just two minutes away from Rosie’s Dog Beach, Chuck’s is the go-to place for lunch or a delicious breakfast. You and your dog can sit outside and enjoy the view of the ocean while you enjoy Chuck’s specialty, The Weasel, a scrambled egg plate topped with a hearty portion of chili. Your dog can enjoy a bowl of water provided by the coffee shop and some plain scrambled eggs (from the human menu) while you wash Chuck’s famous chili-covered eggs down with a refreshing drink. Just remember to stop by the ATM. Chuck’s Coffee Shop only accepts cash.

Just a short drive from the beach, pop into Olives for a sandwich on your way home. Or you can grab all of the fixings for a fancy dinner that you don’t have to cook yourself. Olives sandwich menu is extensive with everything from a veggie sandwich to a meat filled muffuletta. Not feeling like eating at home? Olives has a dog friendly parklet outside where you can enjoy your sandwich and a frosty beer from their drink fridge. Treat your dog to a battle of water and a few slices of meat from the deli section.

A five minute drive from the dog beach, Dogz Bar and Grill is a fun stop if you’re craving some pub food and a frosty beverage. Their patio is dog friendly, and if you have children and dogs with you, you’re in luck. Dogz is family-friendly as well and even offers a kid’s menu. Vegans, they’ve thought of you too and offer a vegan-friendly menu as well. Grab a burger or a Baja taco and one of their specialty drinks as you and your dog relax after a sunny day on the beach.

dog at rosie's dog beach long beach

A 6 minute drive isn’t much when you’re looking for traditional Irish fare and a dog friendly patio. You and your dog will enjoy the relaxed atmosphere at Gallagher’s… and their extensive menu. In addition to Irish pub food, they also feature American favorites like burgers and spinach dip. If you and your dog like early morning walks on the beach, you can stop in for breakfast and try the Traditional Irish Breakfast or Coconut French Toast. Don’t forget a scrambled egg or slice of bacon for your pup.

If you’re all dressed up from a beach photo shoot with your dog, or just want a more elegant atmosphere, then Roe Seafood is the place for you. You and your dog can enjoy the casual but sophisticated ambience of the front patio. Relax with fresh seafood and one of Roe’s specialty craft cocktails. This restaurant will require some planning ahead as you’ll typically need a reservation.

More Dog Friendly Eateries Near Rosie’s Dog Beach

After you’ve finished at the beach, take the 3 minute trip to Gypsy’s Persian Grill to enjoy their special blend of flavors from Greece, Lebanon, Morocco, and other Mediterranean countries. You and your dog can relax on the patio while you share a chicken skewer and you sip a Turkish coffee. Or keep it light on a hot day and enjoy an appetizer plate and a refreshing lemonade. Don’t forget to order your pup a water, but you may need to bring your own bowl.

dog with water at dog friendly restaurant long beach

Located just past the Long Beach Museum of Art, a quick 8 minute jaunt away from Rosie’s Dog Beach, is one of the most dog friendly restaurants on our list! Plunge Long Beach doesn’t just offer dog friendly seating, they offer a menu just for dogs! The human menu includes vegan options, and there’s a little something for everyone’s palette. Pop in for brunch or lunch to enjoy the food and the views.

This popular Southern style eatery is a short 15 minute walk from the Dog Beach. Located in a gorgeous 1920’s bungalow, The Attic has charm to spare and features an outdoor patio for you to enjoy with your dog. You don’t have to worry about finding something suitable for your dog to snack on. The Attic offers a dog friendly menu, with chicken, sausage, bacon, and even steak! You can sip a drink while your dog enjoys the bowl of water provided by the restaurant. Human menu items that are plant based, vegan, or contain nuts are noted, making dining a more relaxed experience.

dog and owner at dog friendly restaurant in long beach

Just a 4 minute drive from Rosie’s Dog Beach you’ll find Panxa Cocina. With delicious Latin-inspired menu items, you’re sure to find something that you like. You and your dog can pop in for brunch or dinner on the patio… or even just stop in for a drink. Come for happy hour and try a tasting flight of tequila or mezcal, and of course, don’t forget to order a water for your dog. You and your dog will love the laid back atmosphere and the quick service.

Have you tried any of these restaurants? Or are there any you think are worth mentioning? Leave a comment! Tell us about your favorite dog friendly restaurants near Rosie’s Dog Beach!


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