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What if your Dog Goes Missing in Long Beach?

Although no one wants to face this possibility, dogs do like to go looking for adventure and will go roaming if given the opportunity!

What if your Dog Goes Missing in Long Beach | Pet Waggin' Pet Care

Before this becomes an actuality, consider the following precautions.

Please make sure that your dog is always tagged and chipped. This will be the easiest way to retrieve your dog if he is found by someone else. Have a current picture of your dog on hand to show neighbors and to post. Keep a supply of your pup’s favorite treats easily accessible.

If the unthinkable happens, don’t panic! Immediately organize your search. It is a good idea to keep one person at home in case your pet is dropped off by a caring citizen, he comes home on his own, or to answer your home phone. The person at home should also create a poster including picture, phone numbers, where and when last seen. Post everywhere, including Facebook, Twitter and Craigslist. Rally the troops to help you search! It can be helpful to take some favorite treats, a favorite squeaky toy or even another dog with you. Should you spot your dog, do not sound angry or attempt to chase your dog. They will either hide or think you are playing the best game ever. Walking away from your dog can lure him toward you. Continue to check Long Beach Animal Care Services to view their updated list of recently found pets!

If you have not found your pet in a reasonable amount of time, go down to your local shelter and report your pet missing. If, by the next morning, your dog has not returned home, it’s time to go back and check your local shelter. It’s always best to go in person, as the shelter workers have many dogs to handle and may not recognize your dog by your description.

Don’t give up hope. Dogs have excellent homing instincts and may soon be on your front porch looking for you!


Pet Waggin’ has been serving Long Beach, CA  since 2006; we have a long list of positive reviews on Yelp. We have a business license with the City of Long Beach, carry liability insurance, and are bonded.  If you would like a list of references we are  happy to provide those as well.  

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