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Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Pet With Friends & Family!

It’s time to leave for vacation and you’re so excited for a little R&R. All your bags are packed, you’ve checked in to your early morning flight and you’ve just finished writing a cute note to your bestie who’s volunteered to take care of your pet. Suddenly, she calls saying her job is sending her on a last minute business trip… tomorrow. You leave in 12 hours! What are you going to do?

Going on a business trip - Long Beach pet sitter

Friends, we see situations like this far too often! In fact, many of our new clients come to us after unfortunate situations like this pop up when family members or friends suddenly aren’t able to take care of their pets or maybe weren’t able to handle emergencies.

That’s why we firmly believe (regardless of if you use us or another professional pet care business) that you should always hire a professional. For us here at Pet Waggin’ Pet Care, we’re able to step in when you know ahead of time that your friend can’t come.

If you’re headed out of town for a major life event, we’re sure there’s enough on your mind that you don’t want to have to worry about your beloved pet on top of everything else. If you’re headed to a vacation destination, we don’t want to interrupt those relaxing vibes with anything that might cause you to worry.

Going out of town, hire a dog walker in Long Beach

So, here’s why you’re going to want to leave your pet in the care of a professional pet sitter. (And, of course, not just any sitter. 😉 See why we’re the best of the best, here!)


When you hire a professional pet sitter, it’s our (literal) job to show up at your house and take care of your pet! Pet Waggin’ employes our pet sitters and trainers instead of hiring contractors, which means we’re able to train them to provide the same level of exceptional care that our clients have come to expect. When we arrive, our goal is to ensure we follow instructions to a tee, creating a seamless transition for your pet’s care while you’re out of town. We don’t pet sit as something fun to do, or to earn a little extra cash. This is our job and we take it seriously (while still having fun), so you can count on us to make sure the job gets done and gets done well!


I know it might seem like we’re pet-superheroes but, despite the capes, we’re just human. So we know that things come up when life happens. The great thing about Pet Waggin’ is that we work in teams. When your sitters work in teams, there is coverage for your pet when life happens. You have your main sitter and at least one backup sitter should anything happen. We share information within teams so that all sitters know exactly what’s going on with your pet and there’s no lapse in your pet’s care.

best cat sitter in Long Beach


Uh-oh. You’re on your way out of town for your big birthday trip and Fluffy got into the trash… again. You threw away the wrapping paper and ribbon from your birthday gift but, as we know, Fluffy is a dang genius and she looooves ribbon. Now it’s a day later and there are spots of blood in Fluffy’s litterbox and you’re on a cruise with no cell reception.

When you hire someone who isn’t experienced with dealing with pets in an emergency situation, you risk putting your pet in a dangerous situation. Our pet sitters have protocols in place for every situation from encouraging a shy cat to come out from hiding to knowing when to hop in the car and head to the emergency vet. Whatever the situation is, from emergency health issues to proper walking etiquette, our walkers and sitters are trained to know what to do to take the utmost care of your pet, no matter what may happen, so you can order that 2nd (or 3rd) pina colada without worry.

If your pet has special needs, our sitters are experienced in administering medication as well! We want to make sure that your pet's care is consistent and he received the care he needs. We have tricks up our sleeves to get even the crankiest of pets to take their pills or hold still for their shots, quickly and painlessly.


We make it a point to get to know your pet on a personal level so that the care we provide is special and unique to your pet and his environment. We offer free First Impressions’ Visits so your pet can get to know your sitter and your sitter can adjust their care based on your pet’s personality. This is also a good time for you to get to know your sitter and for you to ask all the questions you may have.

best cat sitter in signal hill

While you’re away, we guarantee you three things: proper care, lots of lovin’ and cuddles, and a photo update to let you know how everything is going! We know how much you miss your pet when you’re gone, and we want to make sure any worries are eliminated!

Here at Pet Waggin’ we pride ourselves on doing everything we can to ensure the pets left in our care are safe, happy, and healthy. We’re a strong and happy team filled with amazing, dedicated, and long-term employees who are passionate about supporting the Long Beach community. We’d love to meet you and your pet! Schedule your First Impressions’ Visit to start a relationship with a reliable, experienced pet sitter today!


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