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How to Keep your Pet Cool This Summer

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Its summer and time to hang up our coats…but wait, our pets can’t hang up their coat we have to find ways to help them stay cool in the Southern California heat.


Don’t sweat it, we can help!

How To Keep Your Pet Cool This Summer | Pet Waggin' Pet Care

Unlike humans, dogs and cats can’t sweat to cool themselves off.

Here are some tips for keeping your pets comfortable this summer:

1. Water, water, and more water:

Make sure that the water bowl you have for your pet provides enough water on hot days. Consider using a bigger bowl or even two. What about adding some ice cubes to keep it cool.  Keep dog bowls in the shade and remember to take a bowl and a bottle of water on your walks. Consider a cat fountain for your feline friends.

2. Shade:

If your pet is outdoors, he MUST have a shady spot to get out of the blazing sun. Take dog walks on the shady side of the street to protect both you and your pet.

3. Leave your pup at home.

Remember, even a few minutes in a car can be catastrophic for your pet. DO NOT leave them in the car.

4. Short, not shaved!

Their fur coat helps regulate their temperature and keeps them from taking in too much heat in the summer.

5. Fans!

Be sure to leave fans on for your pets while you are at work and make sure it blows near your cat’s favorite spot to hang out.

6. Let them play in the water!

Kiddie pools and sprinklers can be a fun way for your dog to have some fun and stay cool. Consider cooling pads, personal misters, travel water bowls and even Pupciles!

7. Timing is everything.

Walk your during the coolest time of the day or evening. Afternoon walks should be short, potty breaks only.

8. Know the signs of overheating.

Your pet will seem sluggish, confused and may be panting hard.  The gums will look bright red or if serious purple or light gray. They will seem weak, uncoordinated, and drool excessively.  If this is the case, it is best to get your pet to the vet right away. For more information on the steps to take if you suspect your pet is suffering heat exhaustion click here!

9. For our daily dog walking clients when the temperatures get too high we will take your pup out to potty and spend the remainder of the visit interacting indoors.

As professional pet sitters, you can count on us to take the best possible care of your pet, even on the hottest of days.  


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