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You’re Go-To Guide To Keeping Your Dogs Safe And Happy During The Hot Long Beach Summer!

Summer is in full swing and that means the temperature is and will be rising! Do you remember those fun summers away from school, running up and down the beach, splashing in the pool, or catching matinees when the heat became unbearable?? Us, too!

But, do you also remember the not so fun parts of summer - like the blistering sunburns, heat exhaustion, and sticky sweaty afternoons??

Long Beach Summer Activities For Dogs

Just like us humans need to take precautions in order to enjoy the summer, so do our pets!

In fact, did you know dogs aren’t able to cool off like we do? Their sweat glands are located in their paws and nose, which makes it a little tougher to cool off compared to humans. When your dog starts panting, it’s because he is trying to lower his body temperature. We want you and your pet to have the best summer yet, so we’ve put together some great ways you and your dog can make the most out of this summer while also staying safe and keeping cool!

Getting Outside

Modified Walks

The best part about summer is getting outside and enjoying the sunshine! When the temperature is cool, have at it! But when the temperature starts to climb, we like to suggest modifying walks with your dogs. Try walking your dog in the early morning or later in the evening when the sun is not at its highest intensity. You can also put your hand down on the pavement and count to 5. Is it too hot to keep your hand down? That means it’s too hot to walk your pup, too.

Other suggestions: Instead of walking far from home, try walking in a tighter radius in case either you or your dog start to feel a little too hot so you can quickly get back to a cooler environment. Keep a fold-up water bowl with you and a cold/icy water bottle so you can both have a refreshing sip whenever needed.

Go to Rosie’s Dog Beach

Going to the beach is a great way to have fun in the sun while also keeping cool! You and your pup can get some great exercise running up and down the length of sand and rinsing off in the cool, refreshing waves! Located along Ocean Blvd between Roycroft and Argonne Avenues, Rosie’s Dog Beach is a 4-acre, dog-friendly beachfront area that’s open from 6am to 8pm daily and is great for letting your pup run free! For more suggestions on pet-friendly places here in Long Beach, be sure to check out our Ultimate Pet-Friendly Guide to Long Beach, especially the indoor ones that have air conditioning!! 😏

Pool Party Time

Dogs love getting in the water! A quick and easy way to splish splash at home is to buy a kiddie pool like this one. You can get one from almost anywhere this summer. Fill it up with some cold water, throw in some ice cubes to keep it cool, and if you want it to be a real party, grab a few of your pet’s favorite waterproof toys and let the party begin!  Have the towels ready so you can dry your buddy off before he goes back inside to the cold AC.

Dog Pool Long Beach Pet Care

Get a Little Shady

If you have the ability, add a little shade to your backyard. There are great ways to think outside of the box to add some shade including pergolas and outdoor curtains. If you’re looking for a quick fix for shade, here are some great recommendations:

Indoor Fun

Beat the Indoor Boredom

When it’s hot outside, your pet typically isn’t getting as much exercise because of shorter dog walks. But, that doesn’t mean that you should stop exercising your pet, especially exercising his brain! Mental stimulation is just as important as physical, so here are a few ways to stretch your pup’s creativity and brain power when he may feel like it’s been a while since he’s been outdoors.

Teach your dog new tricks! Not only is it a good bonding experience, but it’s also a great way to keep your pet entertained! Plus, the more tricks your pet knows, the more well-behaved and engaged they typically are, which makes for a more enjoyable experience for both of you!

Chewing objects! Chewing objects, like these bully sticks, are a great way to keep your pup entertained at home!

More toys ma! Pets are just like kids… they get bored! When they get bored of their current toys, they’ll find alternative ways to have fun...which you may not like (we’re talking chewing on furniture or shoes)! Get a couple of toys and hide them away, bringing out a new one every couple of weeks as a new fun treat! We recommend having a variety as well, such as chew toys, food dispensing ones, squeaky toys, etc.

BONUS TIP: If you’re playing outside and want to combine some cooling relief, take one of your pup’s old, waterproof toys, soak it in water, and then freeze it!

You’ve got me puzzled! Puzzle games are great to keep your pet entertained while being kept inside, especially when they treat your pet when they win! Here are a couple of our puzzle toy recommendations.

Cooling Off

Need some extra help keeping your pet cool this summer? We’ve compiled a list of the best cooling products for your pup this summer!

Cooling Dog Bed

If your dog runs hot, make sure he stays cool throughout the day and night by getting him a cooling mat like this!

Cooling Mat For Dogs in Long Beach

Cooling Dog Vest

Much like the cooling dog bed, these cooling dog vests are great for when you go for walks or head to the neighborhood bbq. They allow for a full range of motion and have a great design to allow you to put them on and take them off your dog easily!

Cooling Dog Vest in Long Beach

Cooling Dog Collar Bandana

These cooling dog collar bandanas are great! With different levels of cooling from using just cold water to the included ice packs, you can keep your pup cool for hours! This is a great on-the-go cooling option for you and your pet!

Keep cool dog collar in Long Beach Pet Care

One Puppuccino Please!

While we’re not sponsored by Starbucks (but if they’re reading, hello! We’ll take a venti iced macchiato please!), you can take your pup along to your next Starbucks run and ask for a puppuccino, a whipped cream treat for your pup from their secret menu! Of course, ask your vet first if your pup can have such a treat!

Safety First

While summer is full of fun, we here at Pet Waggin’ always have you and your pet’s safety first in mind. With that being said, here is your resource guide for making sure you and your pet are safe in the sun this summer!

Heading to the pool? Not all dogs are equal when it comes to swimming! Make sure you check out these pool safety tips before splashing in the deep end.

Traveling this summer with your pup? Make sure your dog doesn’t overheat in the car (and keep it legal!) with these dog overheating prevention tips.

Did you know that dogs can also experience heat exhaustion and heat stroke? Avoid these dangerous health issues by reading up on them here. And, for our cat owners, read up on preventing heat exhaustion in cats here.

Fourth of July is right around the corner. A lot of dogs get anxious with the noise that fireworks bring. Be safe and have fun with these pet-friendly Fourth of July fireworks tips.

Skunks are cute, but oh so smelly! They’re out and about this summer. If your dog gets caught in the crosshairs of the stink, make sure to read up on how to de-skunk your pet!

We here at Pet Waggin’ hope you have a fun and safe summer!

If you’re headed out of town, make sure to book your pet-sitting reservation now as we tend to be a LOT busier during the summer months while our amazing Long Beach families head out of town to explore the world!! And, you can feel much better knowing that we will take all the necessary heat safety precautions for your pets while you’re away. ☺️


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