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What Should you do if your Dog Doesn't Like to Go Out in the Rain?

We don’t get much rain here in Long Beach, so what do we do with our dogs when it rains? Dogs need to get out on their regular walk to potty even when it is raining but that doesn’t solve the issue of boredom; rainy days can still be fun!  

My Dog Doesn't Like the Rain | Pet Waggin' Pet Care

What should you do if your dog doesn’t like to go out in the rain?

Well, we like to go splash around in puddles with our dogs when it rains, and they love it, but if rain makes your dog  more of an inside play kinda pup then try some of these fun indoor activities:

1. Fetch:

Everybody’s favorite, make sure to clear some space so you can toss or roll the ball a fair distance.  A hallway is good or maybe just move your coffee table aside in the living room. This indoor version challenges your dog to “stay” till you toss the ball and wait for the command to “fetch.”  This may take some practice but on a rainy day there’s plenty of time.

2. Search:

This one is my dog Scout’s favorite games!  Get a small handful of treats and show them to your dog.  Ask your dog to sit and stay in the kitchen or another area away from the room where you will hide the treats. You may need to practice sit/stay before you can play this one. Hide each of the treats in various places like their dog bed or other areas they are allowed to climb on, but you don’t want to make them so well hidden they’ll never find them.  Then give your dog the command “search”.  You can gently guide them to the treats till they get the hang of the game.  Trust me they will LOVE this game.

3. Boot Camp:

Rainy days are a perfect time to practice basic obedience training.  You can even leash your dog and practice no pull walking and heal.  Sit/Stay/Shake/Down are all easy commands that can be worked on indoors. Be sure to reward your pup with praise and affection when they do what you ask.

4. Memory:

Get a 12 cup muffin tin and hide a couple of treats in two of the cups.  Place tennis balls over all 12 cups (you can also use balled up paper if you don’t have enough tennis balls) Let your dog watch as you put the treats in and cover them with the balls, then spin the tin a few times and let your pup pick the cup with the treats using his nose or paw, if he gets it right he gets the treat if not the tin gets another spin.  


Whether it's a light drizzle or a full on downpour, Pet Waggin' is here to care for your pups in all types of weather.  Our staff has committed to your dog's regular schedule and we know your dog looks forward to our visit to break up the day while you are at work. Rain or shine we will be there.


  • We will arrive at our regularly scheduled time to walk your pup.

  • Depending on how hard it is raining we may cut our walks shorter but we will give your pups plenty of time to have a potty break and let out some energy

  • After the walk we will take the time to towel them off and wipe wet paws.

  • We will spend any remaining scheduled time playing inside or brushing them out making sure they are nice and clean when you get home.

  • If you have a raincoat for your dog, leave it out and we will be sure they wear it on their walk.

  • If you are looking for a raincoat for your dog here are a few of our favorites!

*Remember even though most come with one, a hood is not really necessary, they move around and obstruct your dog's vision.

Share some photos or your pup in their rain gear on our Facebook page and get out and jump in some puddles!


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