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New Puppy Shopping Checklist From Pet Waggin' Pet Care

Planning on adopting a new puppy? There is so much to think about and consider when you’re bringing a new fur child into your home.

New Puppy Shopping Checklist | Pet Waggin' Pet Care | Long Beach

Between choosing a veterinarian, hiring a trainer, picking a groomer, choosing treats, equipment, food, and crates, the list certainly gets long when you’re awaiting your new puppy’s arrival.

So, we partnered up with our amazing dog trainer, Carolyn, to create a puppy Amazon shopping, so you can order it all in one go!

First things first, you’ll most likely need to give your new puppy limited reign on the house! You can do this with baby gates to separate a room off from the house, or you can purchase a puppy pen to limit him to a small and confined area. It is helpful to have a spot that you can put your puppy to keep him out of trouble when you are home, but can’t supervise.

Best Puppy Pen For Your Puppy | Pet Waggin' Pet Care

Next, it’s time to pick a crate. Every crate company will have their own criteria and measurements to pick the right fit of your puppy. Our biggest tip here is to try and find a size that will fit your puppy when he is full grown. If you will be bringing home a small puppy that will turn into a big doggie, you can save a lot of money by getting a crate that comes with a divider. This allows you to expand the crate as the dog gets bigger, instead of buying multiple crates.

Best Dog Crate For Your Puppy | Pet Waggin' Pet Care

A recommended tip from our dog trainer is to purchase a basic leash that you don’t mind cutting at the end. Then, have your puppy drag this around 24/7 so you have an easy way to get ahold of him if you need to.

Best Basic Leash For Your New Puppy | Pet Waggin' Pet Care

Puppies like variety and enjoy exploring new textures. We suggest getting a bundle of different toys, or simply buy a bundled set like this one and allow your puppy to have a couple at a time. Once he seems less interested, you can switch up the toys he has, and as you circulate them, he will feel like they are brand new toys!

Best Toys For Your New Puppy | Pet Waggin' Pet Care

5. Chewing Objects (like, Bully Sticks & Kongs)!

As you are probably aware, puppies LOVE to chew! We don’t want them to go against their instincts and not have the opportunity to chew. It’s more about having set items that are there for them to chew, so they learn what is appropriate to chew on (bully sticks, kongs, etc.) and what is not (furniture, shoes, etc.).

Here a couple of our suggestions for chewing objects:

Chewing Objects For Your New Puppy Checklist | Pet Waggin' Pet Care

Best Bully Sticks For Your New Puppy Shopping List | Pet Waggin' Pet Care

It’s important to reward your puppy of any and all good behavior, so he can begin to learn what is right and wrong. Small training treats are a great way to get started with this so your puppy does not get a full tummy from big treats.

Best Small Puppy Training Treats | Pet Waggin' Pet Care

7. Puzzle Toys or Mental Stimulation Toys

Puppies = lots of energy! You’ll want to prevent puppy boredom and destructive behavior, which means you’ll need to keep your puppy entertained and mentally stimulated even when you aren’t actively playing with him or training. Some of our favorite brands here include Kong, Planet Dog, and Nina Ottosson. This can be one of the best ways you can burn some of that puppy energy while getting other tasks done throughout your day or evening.

Something to note in regards to puzzle toys is to realize that each one has a different level of difficulty. Make sure you start off easy and work your way up as your puppy learns and grows older.

Treat Dispensing Toy For Your New Puppy Shopping List | Pet Waggin' Pet Care

Puppy Puzzle Toy For Your New Puppy Training | Pet Waggin' Pet Care

Advanced Puzzle Toy For Your Puppy Training | Pet Waggin' Pet Care

8. Training Books Can Be Your Best Friend!

Our favorite puppy training book right now is,  Perfect Puppy in 7 Days by Dr. Sophia Yin.

Puppy Training Book: Perfect Puppy in 7 Days | Pet Waggin' Pet Care

9. Unfortunately, you’ll need that stain remover!

We recommend purchasing a pet stain and odor remover that also gets rid of enzymes. This actually helps lift the accident (and not just the smell), so that your puppy is less likely to have an accident there in the future!

Here’s our recommendation*: Rocco & Roxie Oxy Stain Remover

New Puppy Accident Stain Remover | Pet Waggin' Pet Care

**Obviously be sure to read the instructions first for material & test it in a small area.**

Bitter apple spray is a great option to put on the items you do not want chewed on. This helps discourage your puppy from chewing on things like leashes or shoes!

Anti-Chew Spray For Your New Puppy | Pet Waggin' Pet Care

11. Grass Potty Patch (if necessary)

We typically do not recommend using potty pads for potty training your puppy because it can encourage inside pottying. However, if someone is unable to accommodate a potty break outside, then we recommend a grass potty patch rather than simple potty pads. This simulates the feel of grass while pee pads can feel like any blanket or carpet. This can make your puppy think that it is ok to potty on those soft surfaces.

Here’s a possible recommendation for you: Fresh Patch Disposable Dog Potty With Real Grass

Potty Pad Alternative For Puppy Training | Pet Waggin' Pet Care

11. A Bottle of Wine!?!

This is obviously for us humans here. Puppy training requires a lot of patience and is a lot of work. But, it is oh so worth it. So, enjoy every minute and don’t be ashamed to enjoy a glass of wine after an exhausting day with your new family addition.

12. Get a trainer!!

Puppy training should never be done alone! Hiring a professional ensures that your puppy is learning the right techniques, and in a more timely manner than if you did everything on your own. By establishing these good manners and techniques early on, you’ll have an easier time progressing and advancing your puppy’s behavior, happiness, and well-being!

Dog Training For Your New Puppy in Long Beach | Pet Waggin' Pet Care

Well, there you have it! For things like food, we recommend talking to your veterinarian on what is best for your specific pooch. Before you try any of the above recommended products, please also discuss this with your veterinarian. We are not licensed veterinarians, so take all of our recommendations with that in mind!

These are products we use and/or recommend to our friends, family, and clients!

If you have any questions for us or our trainer, Carolyn, please feel free to reach out on Facebook, Instagram, or through our contact form.


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