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Pet Waggin’s Favorite Pet Products

We LOVE finding pet care products and sharing them with you. This page contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, Pet Waggin’ may receive a commission at no cost to you, if you make a purchase using these links.

Have you ever wondered which products pet professionals think are the absolute best? We’ve spent thousands of hours doing hundreds of visits, so we have some great insight into the very best products out there. We’re so excited about the products we’ve found that we’ve even created a whole new web page about them!

Pet Waggin' Our Favorites pet product web page

Dog walking gear, toys, treats. We’ve put together a guide that includes our favorites in every category. First, read here to find out more about what we’ve included, then head to our Favorites page so you can check out and shop from the products we love and trust!

Pet Waggin’ Favorite Products

Dog Walking Supplies

Since dog walking is our profession, you could say we’re pretty serious when it comes to the gear we use for dog walking. If you’re looking for the perfect harness or leash for your dog, we’ve got you covered. We’ve picked these based on our own experiences with dog walking for a variety of clients. We’ve learned which harnesses seem the most comfortable for the dog but still give us control and the type of leash that is the sturdiest and most comfortable in the hand for walking.

We’ve also added things you might not think about but that we can’t do without. Our favorite poop bags that won’t rip and leave you with a stinky situation on your hands, treat pouches, and even dog booties for extreme weather can all be found here.

Bowls and Fountains

A bowl isn’t just a bowl when it comes to ease of feeding. We’ve learned that different pets have very different needs and preferences when it comes to their dishes. Cats that eat so fast they regurgitate immediately do better with a slow feeder, a no-spill feeder is perfect for your sloppy hound, and if you’ve got a problem with ants in your pet’s food, we can help you there too.

Thinking about a water fountain for your cat who drinks from the sink, or a water bottle for long hikes with your dog? We have our preferences when it comes to watering your pets, and we love them so much, we want to share those with you.

Dog Enrichment and Toys

Enrichment might seem like the new pet buzzword, but it’s one of the most important things you can provide for your cat or dog. Working with a wide variety of pets during our Enrichment Visits has exposed us to tons of different enrichment toys, and we’ve learned that some dogs only need simple things… while others need to be kept busy.

Our favorite enrichment toys span everything from toys that can be stuffed with treats to keep a puppy busy to puzzle toys that require multiple steps to complete. We love enrichment toys that encourage natural behaviors like foraging and toys that encourage interaction between you and your pet.


Whether you’re working on training, or your pet is just being the best, treats are great to have on hand. We know the sheer amount of treats on the market can be overwhelming. That’s why we thought it was important to share the treats we’ve found are great for training and treating. Along with our favorite high-value training treats, we’ve slipped in a few healthier options that we’ve found pets love. We’ve also shared our favorite soft lickable cat treats for spoiling your cat and some crunchy ones for helping keep their teeth clean.

Cat Enrichment

We haven’t forgotten about your kitties. Cats need enrichment too. Some cats love being up high and are happiest when they have a window to gaze out of. These cats need a pet tree or a window shelf to be their happiest.

Some cats never get over the urge to attack your feet and ankles. Providing these mighty hunters with toys they can stalk and pounce gets them exercise, lets them use their natural instincts, helps you bond with them, and saves your feet.

Just like dogs, no two cats like to play the same way, so we’ve shared the cat toys we’ve seen engage cats of all types.

Cat Supplies

If you’re looking for a new type of litter or a high-tech new litter box, we definitely have preferences. We’ve seen, and smelled, dozens of types of litter, and we know which ones stay the freshest and are easiest to clean. The same goes for litter boxes! We’ve probably run into every make and model there is, and we definitely have opinions.

We know which self-cleaning litter boxes scare most cats with their noise… and which ones get the job done without traumatizing your feline companion.

While we were at it, we shared a few of our other favorite cat supplies. From poop scoops to the wet food we’ve seen cats go bonkers over, we have all the best suggestions for loving cat parents.


Finally, we’ve included some additional products that we’ve found to be really useful for pet parents. We’ve included our favorite books about understanding your pet, the cleaning products we find most useful for eliminating stains and odors, and other things that might be helpful. In our time working with pets, we’ve discovered many products that would be helpful for pet parents… if only you knew they existed!

For example, the Furbo 360 Dog Camera is one of the best products you never knew you needed. It has bark alerts, allows you to watch your pet from your phone, and can even be programmed to pop out a treat. It’s perfect for when you have to work long hours… or when you’re gone for a few days and want to have a peek at your pet.

It’s time to check out our Favorites page! We’ve spent a lot of time gathering up our favorite products. Have a question or looking for something particular? Chances are… we have opinions! We can tell you what works well and what doesn’t, so that you don’t have to waste your money!


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