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Planning for your Pet Sitter

Hiring a professional  pet sitter for your upcoming travel plans is a great way to be sure that your pets are cared for not only by someone that loves pets but  by someone that is experienced in pet care and has a solid reputation of reliability, commitment, and professionalism.

Planning For Your Pet Sitter | Pet Waggin' Pet Care

In order for your pet sitter to provide the best level of care, please use the checklist below before leaving your home.

1. Home​ Security:

  • Let your pet sitter know of anyone who will have access to your home while you are away. This way they are not startled when they arrive and someone is in your home or something is out of place.

  • Having lights on a timer or asking the sitter to alternate interior lights might make your pet more comfortable and it helps to  ensure the sitter’s safety for night visits as well as making it appear someone is home to keep thieves deterred.

  • Before leaving, make sure all doors and windows are locked. If you choose to leave anything open make, sure your pet sitter is aware so they leave it how they found it.

  • If applicable let any security guards or doormen know that you have hired a pet sitter so they are aware that your pet sitter will be coming and going.

  • Inform a trusted neighbor that you will be away and that you are using a pet sitter.

  • Make sure all gates are tightly closed and locked to ensure your pets can’t get out thru a gate that gets blown open.

  • Consider canceling your lawn service during your trip, so pets with outdoor access don’t surprise the gardener or visa versa.

  • Are you expecting any packages? If so, inform your sitter so they know to look for them.

2. Pet Proofing:

  • Are the cabinets and cupboards secure? To ensure pet safety make sure all storage areas are secure so your pets can’t open them and possibly eat something toxic or dangerous to their health.

  • See that medications are locked away. Many medications for pets are in chewable form and pets might try to get them off the counter and have a little “treat”. Bottles might seem like a toy at first for your pets but if medications are ingested it could be detrimental to your pets.

  • Check to see that paints, glue, needles etc. are all placed in a safe place to make sure your pets are not getting into these supplies. Not only can their health be at stake, but your home could see some damages if these supplies are gotten into.

  • Limit the areas in your home that your pet has access to.  This helps the sitter locate your pet and limits the areas where accidents might occur.

3. Preparing for the Pet Sitter:

  • Notify your pet sitter what vet you use and let the vet know that you authorize any medical attention your pets may need while you are away. Consider leaving a credit card on file with the vet.

  • Leave notes indicating where the pet supplies are located. This keeps the supplies in their usual spot and safely away from a pet that may try to get into the bag of food if left on the counter. This will allow the pet sitter to easily find the items needed to care for your pet and spend more time interacting with your cat or dog. This will also allow you to have a peace of mind because your pet sitter will not have to ask you a ton of questions while you are trying to enjoy your vacation.

  • Leave out the utensils, bowls, and measuring cups to be used during feeding so that your pet sitter does not need to guess what size or which items  are ok to use and possibly use an item that may be of value to you and your family!  

  • Be sure to inform your pet sitter of any habits your pet has in the house as well as behaviors your dogs might exhibit on leash to avoid any risky situations.

  • Let your pet sitter know of any off limit rooms  that your pets should be kept away from so they can be sure those areas remain closed at all times.

  • Leave an unwashed shirt or article of clothing out for your pet.  Your pet will be comforted by your scent, which will help lessen  any stress they may have.

  • Lastly, enjoy a sigh of relief; you have hired a professional pet sitter to care for your pets and you have prepared your home so the sitter can handle any situation that comes up. All that is left is for you to enjoy your vacation and the updates with photos your sitter will send of your pet’s Staycation.


The most important part about using a professional pet sitter is that your pets will be loved and kept on their normal routines in the comfort of their own home and this means less stress for them and you.

Pet Waggin’ has been serving Long Beach, CA since 2006. we have a long list of positive reviews on Yelp. We have a business license with the City of Long Beach, carry liability insurance, and are bonded.  If you would like a list of references, we are happy to provide those as well.  


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