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Small Dog Activities In Long Beach, CA

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Living in Long Beach with a small dog is living the dog parent’s dream. Long Beach is one of the most dog-friendly cities out there, and with a pocket-sized pooch, there’s a ton of places you can experience with your dog.

small dog in bag small dog in Long Beach, California

If you’re new in town or just need some ideas for different places to try, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve researched small dog activities in Long Beach so you don’t have to! Ready to plan a dog-friendly brunch or hit the dog park? Let’s go!

Long Beach Activities For Small Dogs

Why plan a single activity with your dog when you can plan a whole day? We’ve got suggestions for you to create a whole itinerary of weekend fun. Whether it’s a day for just you and your dog or a dog-friendly date, there’s plenty to see and do in beautiful Long Beach, California!

Small Dog-Friendly Restaurants

With a 5 Bone rating from Bring Fido, The Attic offers southern hospitality and cuisine for dogs and their people. Not only do they offer a delicious menu of elevated southern comfort food, they also have a special menu for the dogs. Bring your little pup for brunch or dinner. Dogs are also welcome in the outdoor bar area so don’t be afraid to tuck your pooch under your arm or have them lounge in your lap while you grab a tasty cocktail.

What better place to take your small dog than to a small cafe? Located on busy 2nd Street, The Small Cafe is a great brunch spot. Dogs are welcome on the patio, and with a small area and limited seating, this restaurant really is best suited to small dogs.

Just reading the breakfast and lunch menu for The Blackbird Cafe will make you drool. Who can resist brownie strawberry pancakes or homemade chips with rosemary-garlic mayo? They have a cute patio area with 5 dog-friendly tables. The small space makes it perfect for bringing your small dog so they won’t feel too overwhelmed.

Long Beach is filled with dog-friendly restaurants. For more dining ideas check out this post from our blog!

The Best Dog Parks For Small Dogs

Most dog parks in Long Beach have separate areas for small dogs with the notable (and unfortunate) exception of Rosie’s Dog Beach. We hit the parks to find the ones that are the most small dog friendly and have compiled them for you here.

The city’s first dog park is also one of the best! Small dogs have their own area to run and play, and there are always plenty of other dogs for them to interact with. If you don’t like bringing your dog’s toys to the park, there are always freebies scattered about, and with the obstacles that have been installed in the park, there is always something to keep your dog busy. One caveat: the dog areas are all dirt. So if you don’t like dirt dog parks, you may not be a fan.

If you live near the East Village Arts District, then this dog park was meant for your pup. For extra safety for small dogs, the park features a double gate. The park is on the smaller side, at .45 acre, so a larger dog might not have enough running room, but that’s plenty of space to stretch little legs.

At 1.5 acres, El Dorado Dog Park has plenty of room for dogs to romp around. Small dogs have their own section, and the park also offers amenities like water fountains and benches. The dog areas in the park also feature grass instead of the typical dirt or mulch, so your little pup can stay dust-free.

Have a favorite small dog-friendly dog park in Long Beach? Comment below, so we can check it out!

Boutiques And Shopping In Long Beach With Your Small Dog

Whether it’s a dog specialty boutique or just a popular shopping and sightseeing area, even when they’re dog friendly, shopping is just easier with a small dog. If you want to get your dog a special treat or treat yourself to an outing, these dog-friendly Long Beach shops and districts are great for a small dog on a leash or carried.

Looking specifically for pet supplies? Check out our suggestions here.

This bakery for dogs welcomes pups of all sizes, but why not treat your little pupper to something special while you’re out? In addition to dog-safe baked goods, they carry collars to jazz up your pup’s look and stuffed toys that are perfect for a small jaw. As long as you're visiting the Dog Bakery, check out the rest of the Belmont Shore area!

Feeling like a day of shopping, or exploring the beach, and seeing the sights the area is known for? This is a perfect opportunity to bring your dog. Many of the shops are dog friendly, and if your dog is small enough to fit into a shoulder carrier, it makes it easier to navigate the busy streets. Let your dog walk along the Naples Canal, or take a bike ride with your pup in a bike safe carrier.

Shoreline Village Lighthouse Long Beach California Dog Friendly Long Beach

Bike along the coastline, and let your dog enjoy the view from the basket. Or take them for a little stroll along the boardwalk and drink in the beauty of Rainbow Harbor. While you’re there, don’t pass up the chance to visit the lighthouse. Individual shops have their own rules regarding dogs, but if you have a small dog in a shoulder bag or being carried, there’s never any harm in asking!

Bonus: Day Trips From Long Beach, CA

Wanting a little more of an adventure? If you’re looking for pet-friendly activities within driving distance of Long Beach, we have a blog with some great ideas!

There’s no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. Having a small dog in Long Beach is the best! With so many dog-friendly restaurants, dog parks, and shops, it’s just so easy to bring your mini furry friend along with you.


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