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Warm Hearts for Cold Paws

The mission statement of the Long Beach Animal Care Services is:

“Serve, protect and shelter homeless companion animals

Place animals into humane environments

Promote responsible pet ownership and reduce animal overpopulation

Celebrate the human-animal bond.”

A key element to getting homeless pets placed in loving homes is to keep them comfortable and secure while they are at the shelter. Keeping them comfortable keeps their stress level down and increases their chance for adoption.

Pet Waggin’ is committed to supporting our shelter and the care it provides for the homeless dogs and cats in Long Beach. We are doing our first annual blanket drive for the Long Beach Animal Care Shelter. We are really excited about this and hope it is a success!  The towels and blankets will be used to keep the animals warm and comfortable during their stay at the shelter so they can be the best adoption candidates if not reclaimed by their owner.

We are asking clients to donate new, or gently used, small/medium fleece blankets, towels and dog sweaters.  We also reached out to the community and the following local businesses have offered their support and will be drop off locations for donations:

Belmont Shore Veterinarian:

Primary Care Animal Hospital:

Bixby Animal Clinic:

** Please no fringe on any of the items as it can be harmful if the pets ingest it. Also, we cannot accept large comforter type blankets or sheets.**

Each of our walkers and pet sitters personally delivered flyers to our weekly dog walking clients to let them know what we have planned and asking for their help.

To kick off our event, we blasted social media on our Facebook page and our Instagram. We encouraged all of our followers to share with their friends because we really want the community to help make this a success!

We will be collecting gently used blankets, towels and dog sweaters for the next two weeks, ending February 7th, 2016.

Once we have finished collecting donations from our clients and drop off locations we will coordinate with the shelter for a day to drop off the donations.

Let’s work together to keep all the homeless pups and kitties warm till they get a forever home.

If you are interested in volunteering at the shelter, or other ways to donate, check out these links for more information.

In 2016, we will be looking for other ways that Pet Waggin' can support efforts in our city to improve the lives of the homeless pet population.


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