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What To Expect When Booking A Pet Sitter

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

You’ve researched, you’ve made phone calls, and now, it’s go time. It’s time to book that pet sitter. If you’ve never worked with a pet sitter before, you’re understandably worried. What will you need to do? Are there any red flags you should look for? Are you even doing the right thing!? The biggest question of all, will your pet hate you forever?

Don’t worry! Everyone gets the first-time jitters. After all, you’re leaving one of the most important things in your life in the hands of someone you’ve just met. You’re making the best choice for you and your pet, and if you’ve done your homework, things will be just fine. Best of all, your pet will be excited to make a new friend.

To help you feel more comfortable with your choices, we’ve put together a list of what to expect when booking a pet sitter. We’ll tell you the general process and give you an inside look at what our process is like.

Booking A Pet Sitter

Every pet sitting service is different, and we all have different ways of doing things. We can’t fully speak to how other pet sitting companies handle things, but we thought we’d give you the gist of how the process generally goes.

The first thing you’ll notice when booking a professional pet sitter is how much information they’ll ask you. This is all for the safety of your home and your pet. In order to do their job properly and well, they will need things like emergency contacts and clear directions on how to access your home. And of course, they need any and all information that you can provide about your cat or dog.

cat and woman with phone booking pet care with Pet Waggin'

Next, you will schedule your pet’s first visit with their sitter. Many professionals now rely on booking apps to make the process easier for you. This also allows you to track communication with your pet sitter.

After this, pet sitters should request a meet and greet so your pet will be familiar with them prior to their first appointment. This is a really important step and a non-negotiable here at Pet Waggin’!

Finally, you’re ready for your pet’s first visit with a sitter!

Prior to booking, there are a few things you should find out. Will the person caring for your pet be an employee or an independent contractor? What kind of training have they received, and what are their emergency protocols? This is important information, and we cover the reasons why here.

Booking With Pet Waggin’

The Pet Waggin’ process seems like it has a lot of steps, but that’s because we let no stone go unturned! Details are so important. We need to know the nitty-gritty about your pet so we can individualize their care plan. Here’s how booking works at Pet Waggin’:

1. First up, you’ll start off with a phone call with Mary Ellen, the founder of Pet Waggin’.

2. You’ll be asked to build your pet’s profile on the Time To Pet App. All of the information that you add to the app will be discussed at your meet & greet, so you want to make sure to be thorough here. The more information you give us, the better. You can find out more about why we ask so many questions in this blog post.

3. Book the service you need using the Time To Pet app. The app is intuitive and easy to use, and you will be able to go back and view the information you have entered.

4. Time for your meet & greet! Your sitter will interact with your dog or cat, offering treats and as much attention as they prefer. Your sitter may also take your dog on a brief walk, a helpful way to make an imprint and build a really positive association. The main goal of the meet & greet is to make sure that your pet will be comfortable in our care. No stranger danger here; we want to build a positive association so that our pet sitters are a nice, familiar face for your pets.

pet waggin' pet care on walk with dog

5. Another important part of the meet & greet is when we try out entering your home. Everyone will head outside and give the pet sitter a chance to enter the home alone. We want to make sure there are no issues with your pet allowing their sitter to come in. Additionally, plans for how the sitter is supposed to get in will be discussed. The sitter will be given keys or codes, and these should be tested to ensure that they work.

6. At the meet & greet, your sitter will ask any questions they have, and verify the information you provided in your pet’s profile. If you think of anything that may have slipped your mind, let them know. You can add it to your profile using the app.

7. Reminder: the app is where it’s at! If you download the mobile app (it’s free!) you will be able to access your profile and messages anywhere. Don’t worry; if you can’t quite get the hang of the app, your sitter can help walk you through it. Learning how to use all of its features is beneficial. For some tips on how to get started read here.

8. Your sitter will head out, and you’ll be officially ready for your first visit! On the big day, your pet sitter will arrive on schedule, with a check list of the tasks they will be performing. You will be notified through the app when they get there, and you will receive a status report, complete with pictures, when the visit is over.

Every step of the booking process is in place to make sure your pet gets the care they deserve. The devil is in the details, and details are where you’ll see the differences between the professionals and the amateurs. Booking technology is helpful in assuring accountability and your satisfaction, and proper training of pet sitters provides safety and security for your pet.

It’s a scary first step, but stop relying on friends and family, or feeling guilty about your pet spending time alone, and make the phone call to book your pet sitting appointment today!


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